The USA's Dream Team v Germany - Men's Basketball | Barcelona 1992 Replays -

The USA’s Dream Team v Germany – Men’s Basketball | Barcelona 1992 Replays

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Relive the full Men’s Basketball Game of the 1992 Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona (Spain)! In their third game of the tournament, USA’s legendary Dream Team of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Karl Malone, Scottie Pippen, Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley and more faced Germany.

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  1. This game is like, the german soccer team would play usa in 1992. ⚽️

  2. Володимир Космаєнко says:

    Істинні арійці,бля😂

  3. As a German basketball fan, who had his "prime" during the early 90s, it's still hard to watch the German team loosing without any chance 🙂 Above all, this wasn't a bad team, they won the European Championship in '93. But nothing and no one can compete with the '92 dream team, neither later teams from USA. This was the pinnacle of basketball.

  4. The U.S. bench looks like they are in danger of losing at times. They are up by like 40 points.

  5. 36:33 Is that Larry making that "WHOOOO" sound so Mj knows to pass him the ball? He puts his hands up and everything lol.

  6. Its crazy how the speed of the game changed over the years

  7. I love when there's no commentated because we can hear what the players are saying like Micheal Karl and Patrick we can hear there real self in the game

  8. 😂😂 there's just Larry Bird laying on the ground near the bench tummy towards the ground

  9. I was starting to feel bad for Germany in the first half they had like 12 and USA had 45 😂

  10. Enjoyed so much without commentators 👏

  11. So many travelling calls…*Laughs in Harden*

  12. i love dolph lundgrens impact on the 90s haircuts!

  13. I would watch a whole series of documentaries on the teams that played the Dream Team. What were they thinking? How did they prepare? How do they think about the whole thing years later?

  14. I just love picturing a young Dirk at home watching this live

  15. Si drexler talaga Ang masarap ka tandem ni Jordan bukod ke pippen.. hnd lang Sila nagkasama sa Isang team .. yangsa

  16. Os Estados Unidos o melhor seleção de basquete de todos os tempos

  17. Det the Threat the best German player ever to play this game, hands down.


  19. With the germans it’s really just Schrempf doing everything. The other guys are terrible …

  20. feeling bad for the germans who had to play against that lineup

  21. Parece el seleccionado nacional vs un equipo amateur de barrio.
    Creo que es la primera vez que veo a alemanes con miedo 😮…

  22. Crazy the NBA only had like 10 foreign players during this era…. now 40 percent of the league is foreign.

    The league has changed so much

  23. Dang…even older Bird was dropping 3 point bombs. It looked like most of the players were a little bored.

  24. Prior to these games this German Team beat up a team of our college kids by dominating the boards on them. Well Team Germany you did NOT dominate the boards vs the Dream Team!!!!

  25. I love when Larry is playing, he's wonderful to watch, but I'm holding my breath the whole time, worrying about his back. I know he didn't injure it there, but I still worry; can't help it. I'm kind of relieved when he is lying on the floor by the bench, because he isn't in danger of re-injuring himself there, unless someone falls on him. After all, it's not like this team needed a crutch player at the end to hit that game winning 3 pointer. There were several to spare. 🙂

  26. Imagine having Dennis rodman in this omg that is t would be chaotic

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