The USA's Dream Team v Brazil - Men's Basketball | Barcelona 1992 Replays -

The USA’s Dream Team v Brazil – Men’s Basketball | Barcelona 1992 Replays

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Relive the full Men’s Basketball Game of the 1992 Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona (Spain)! In their fourth game of the tournament’s group stage, USA’s legendary Dream Team of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Karl Malone, Scottie Pippen, Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley and more faced Brazil.

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  1. That was a different word back then I miss it now it’s all gone to 💩

  2. Every time I watch Dream Team footage and see Christian Laetner, all I can do is roll my eyes and shake my head. 😏

  3. First time seeing full raw footage of the Dream Team playing

  4. Anti-doping tests for USA in 1992?? NO :D!


  6. 15:47, Wow, letting broke-back Bird beat you on a fast break, that's some sad defense.

  7. Brazil's center picking up MJ in the back court is not smart. MJ quickly passed the ball up court so that our bigs could now attack the rim being guarded by smaller players!!!! . Cool!!!! That's how to deal that!!!!! 13:28 Lol!!!

  8. The player who fouled MJ from behind has committed a "Clear Path Foul"!!!! I am so glad that rule now exists!!!! 19:32

  9. Crazy that Brazil didn't even have real jerseys.

  10. how many points does barley have in this game? lols

  11. Chris Mullin was an assassin with that corner 3 😌

  12. Slow era…i just want see it in 2x settings to make it more today's game. ,🤣

  13. Para derrotar al Dream Team ! La estrategia era sencilla ! Esperar que los titulares se cansaran y esperar que entrara a jugar la banca !!! Vaya Lio en este equipo Todos eran Titulares Estrellas !!! Jajaja

  14. In my opinion, the greatest Dream Team ever assembled. The talent and unselfishness and unity was unheard-of.

  15. Brasil merecia aí a medalha de bronze, pq a de ouro já era do dream team, e a de prata teria q ser da Croácia q tinha melhor time.

  16. Why hasn’t John Stockton played in the other games, is he injured. The Angola and Germany games he didn’t play.

  17. number of ads during this video is obnoxiously out of control.

  18. Сейчас конечно баскет поинтереснее

  19. Brazil, what’s with the scrimmage uniforms? Even the shoes are ugly.

  20. Now I understand why Oscar never passed the ball, none of his teammates are even close to him.

  21. Why didn't John Stockton play much in this 1st round?

  22. Excelente jogo. E fica ainda muito melhor sem narração nem comentários. É assim que queremos assistir esportes!

  23. Brasil rifa a bola com 5 segundos de ataque, chutes pressionado…não valorizava a posse de bola.

  24. The USA's Dream Team v Brazil's Exercito recruta Team

  25. Brazils uniform was real ugly. They look like a practice squad uniform.

  26. Fico imaginando se o Brasil não tivesse o Oscar de quanto seria esse placar 😂😂😂

  27. Por que as seleções de basquete não têm os números 1, 2 e 3?

  28. La camiseta o Ramera de la Selección de Brasil para Las olimpiadas fue muy sencilla no es digna de un país potencia en deporte !! Creo que el nombre Brasil tenia que ser mas grande y la frannelilla es muy sencilla y simple ! Critico esto

  29. This video is made even better by no annoying announcers! Hey there's a concept

  30. Every time The NBA played the Olympic games with maximum strength, other countries fought for the silver Medalhas.

  31. Great fundamentals from the USteam. New generations should take notice of what those guys were doing. There's a great lack in fundamentals today.

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