The StreetBall ALL-STARS Tournament! -

The StreetBall ALL-STARS Tournament!

DC Heat
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The Best Streetballers in the Country Compete for $1000!

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East All-Stars:
subbox blesser- hit that bell

West All-Stars:

Video Editor: @kappiebon


  1. In final ref worked for his bro. DC you play pure, good game, keep doing like this!👍

  2. 12:00 Why was the guy in the blue jersey getting more turns than the other guy?

  3. Needs to be a penalty for egregious fouls in the paint

  4. As soon as I saw moon move I knew it’s was over

  5. Te impide 3 bandejas claras placándote por detrás y encime le felicitas luego jaja… Si hubiera sido al revés, por el color de tu piel, te pegan seguro.

  6. moon… is a shooter, Hoodie at least made other things, no only shoot, Moon is scared to contact

  7. these edits lowk mad annoying… i just wanna see hoop

  8. these edits lowk mad annoying… i just wanna see hoop

  9. in the first match that game winning fade away had me hyped

  10. I am watching this video because I have a basketball tournament in 2 days lol 😂

  11. Moon is actually a 2k demi-god literally kd

  12. DC really didn’t get the ball after moon abused him 3 times

  13. wtf just foul your opponent and make 2's…who wrote those rules man…

  14. moon is very good especially his crossovers but he dirty for playing the fouls until his possession

  15. WTF was this contest? These dudes arent even in the top 10,000 best street ballers.

  16. Moon is a great player but the ref was shitty tbh

  17. 6:10 dude is shaking his opponent's hand for his great play.
    ANNOUNCER: Don't shake his hand!
    Me: 😮

  18. Yo bro, i don’t even noticed the zooms before i watched it carefully at the end of the video! They gave the editer more then the prize in the video.

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