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  1. Bro why does this man sound like gru on speed

  2. How dumb can you be ffs well ofc the ball will get stuck.. y’all thought the ball got smaller? All your fans are 13 maximum that’s why you have so many followers and likes cuz you trick kids congrats. If he want you to merch of him ha don’t do

  3. God: how did you die.

    Him I made a basketball with tons of spikes and I miss the basketball goal and it hit my heart

    God: I hate my job

  4. If you fancy yourself a content creator, try harder.

  5. This is more pointless than when your parents conieved you

  6. What a dumb generation shiiitt… human race going to back to the cave men.

  7. That basketball looks like the horror villain: pinhead

  8. Throwing spikey ball at peoples heads prank💯💯💯 (gone wrong) (gone sexual) (cops called) (gold digger caught)

  9. If u still wanna play with the "basketball" then play with no net

  10. Wy to o and the lord will come back this 🎉 and 😮❤❤ and the angels and

  11. The way he said chicken nuggets 😂

  12. Imagine the girl catches the ball…..
    Surely she will go to heaven……

  13. Is this the reason why there’s a ripped net every single court I VISIT TO

  14. @Spider slack made a video based on this one

  15. Scary
    Alejandrothefan and all other information on your web sites and your business is not just your personal life in your business

  16. Imagine Kobe Bryant kept on scoring the goals
    The guy:💀💀💀

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