The rim at this basketball court is different 😂 | #Shorts -

The rim at this basketball court is different 😂 | #Shorts

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  1. I actually really liked the first version.

  2. The ball gets stuck, players- so now what. Kid- Don’t worry, I’m a Black. jumps 10 ft high and gets the ball

  3. I like this it shit the ball out plus it’s good because you can run Over and catch it so it doesn’t roll away and even if it did fall out before you caught it it’s going slow so it wouldn’t go as far

  4. I started laughing so hard when he said eww 😂😂

  5. This rim is dope. It might "look weird" but it's functional as hell. Every single bucket gonna drop straight down, every time.

    Edit: okay good. Comment section confirms I'm not the only one that sees it

  6. This is what they do when the town is sick of replacing nets every other day b.c punk azz kids cut them down.

  7. Never in my 23 years of living have I ever seen a rim like that

  8. Whoever had this idea needs to never think again

  9. Just because you can wipe your ass with sandpaper doesn’t mean you should. Some things are best left as they were

  10. It just makes the net give birth to the ball.

  11. Put the net on the outside of the metal net and rims.

  12. I think I've gone deaf. Someone confirm? Please help.

  13. This shit look like basketball in Soviet Russia

  14. At first when he held up that bag i thought it was cocaine 💀😭

  15. Before it was fun …after it was boring!🤦🏻

  16. That hoop really said control c control v😂🤣😂

  17. To it looks like that ball just came out of someone’s 🍑

  18. NBA REFEREE: it's not count it rolls too long

  19. Thank you for telling me that there is a net on each rim, I couldn’t tell

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