The NEW Wilson basketball is INSANE!! -

The NEW Wilson basketball is INSANE!!

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  1. Hit me back! I have multi Guinness World Records for shooting basketball! Would love to try this ball in a world record! 🔥🚨🏀

  2. But looks how he dribble the ball lmaoo HAHAHA

  3. What a great solution to a non existent problem

  4. Dropping it contradicts exactly what he is saying. Sad

  5. This dude is a sell out and basically advertising for that expensive dysfunctional ball.

  6. Can't play on rain I guess.

    Imagine playing ⚽ with a ball like that. In the mud or snow. And that shit accumulating inside the ball

  7. This is OK but deflating a football is not 😂

  8. My question is Why? Why do we need a 3D printed ball compared to what we use now?

  9. Except the NBA doesn't use Wison. They use Spalding. And Spalding couldn't even get them to switch to the Composite ball back in the early 2000's, everybody in the league said it felt like they were playing with a toy or one of those cheap rubber playground balls. It would take some other startup league to endorse this as its official ball for it to get any notoriety, like the And1 basketball. But if they don't get people using it at the fundamental level like in elementary and highschool, no professional will want to use this.

  10. The holes are too big. Idk how clean it will roll off the fingertips when shooting. I can see some issues occurring.

  11. Won't be good for three pointers. Too much air resistance.

  12. Not worth what they are charging for it at all.

  13. Thought it would just break like plastic when bounced unexpected outcome

  14. at $2,500…yep, it will be on the streets soon…

  15. Yep, I watched a pro try it – doesn't dribble as well.

  16. The presenter is bouncing while he is speaking, as though he is sitting in the basket ball

  17. the kardashians are gonna eye this technology

  18. Oh look Americans doing more innovative stuff. I see so much slander, especially from Europeans acting like we didn't invent the phone they are on, using the internet they are in while using the app they are on..we don't stop. Pro America comment done

  19. If it falls in a lake it will sink probably

  20. its not going to pass the same with all those holes.

  21. Did it have better grip than a normal ball?

  22. Drop test doesn’t lie nor discriminate

  23. Just put all the debate to rest and use a baseball to play basketball..

  24. Deez nuts can bounce better than that ball 💀

  25. Put a basketball skin over it and see if it bounces better

  26. Put a basketball skin over it and see if it bounces better

  27. Some things don’t need to be improved. Perfect example.

  28. Some things don’t need to be improved. Perfect example.

  29. This is completely unecessary. What is so wrong with the old ball design? This thing is ridiculously expensive too. I hope that nobody buys this thing if and when it comes out to the public. Food for thought: Why buy something that bounces like a ball if you already own a ball? So annoyingly idiotic.

  30. Good thing the tech has multiple applications b/c the ball is DOA.

    They’ll use it in the NBA the day shit turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbet.

  31. Man, i don't know anything about basketball, so i'm not sure if everyone's claims that the drop test was bad are true. This ball does seem good though and helpful

  32. Why the hell would it matter? Is the regular ball stealing from the ozone layer?

  33. No way the dynamics will be the same with all the holes in it.

  34. I want to tell these YT viral video hopefuls to just breath.

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