The new airless basketball is almost silent when you bounce it 😳 (via @Marques Brownlee/TT) #shorts -

The new airless basketball is almost silent when you bounce it 😳 (via @Marques Brownlee/TT) #shorts

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  1. I wonder how the air moving through the ball on shots, long passes based on the ball rotation etc?

  2. ummm when can we get the Temu version? lol cuz im not payin $2500 for a ball if it dont come w (Halle, Stacey, Rochelle, etc.). And WHO would BOUNCE a $2500 ball?🤯🤣🤣
    🗣TEMU…get to it!

  3. I can't be the only one that didnt realize this guy was the one talking until halfway through the clip…

  4. $2,500,00 dollars ? …….
    . …….Screw that I'm making my own 😅.

  5. This is just as cool as the drums that dont really make a loud sound when you hit them. Nice way for a person to practice while also keeping the sound police at bay. lol

  6. No way it costs anywhere close to $2500 to print those. What a ripoff

  7. We got airless basketball but no cure for any cancer. Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck and can't afford the airless basketball. Smh capitalism is awesome

  8. Call me crazy but regular basketballs are doing exactly what they are required to. Zero innovation required.

  9. Buy a new macbook pro or a Basketball for $2500 this is a tough choice…

  10. You need the sound of the ball hitting the floor because you're not watching the ball while dribbling down court. So it would be hard to know where the ball is

  11. Will never see that ball used in the NBA because then you'll see the magnets 🧲🏀

  12. Do tou really talk like that😂😂😂who's voice?? I really thought he was a yt guy

  13. They should hand these out to kids who bounce basketballs indoors.

  14. $2500? Holy schnart! Ambitious. 😮

  15. Why does it bounce the same height as the regular ball in this video? I've seen it bounce way lower compared to regular ball before

  16. 2500 for peice of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic that costs maybe 5 cents to make 😅😂

  17. so if you shooting up bricks…. they'l be unheard. lol

  18. the way i laughed my lungs out when i heard “$2500”

  19. Oh I’m going to get mine now! Only $2,500? 😅

  20. I wonder how the air going through it affects things when you're shooting a long jumper

  21. Thanks for the price I was about to look it up and that would've been a waste of time lol

  22. This was not even a problem, much less a huge one. Why even waste the time coming up with this?

  23. What's the point??? Not knocking it video or anything but I don't understand the idea of that

  24. Idk why they'd use this bs for the NBA

  25. Unnecessary and expensive. Will never be adopted by real basketball players.

  26. Not gonna lie, I feel like we need a booming box in there for regular play.

  27. Naw I need the sound of the bouncing ball, squeak of sneakers, swish of the net (or chaching of a chain net) and clang of the rim in basketball

  28. This is the biggest innovation of the 21st century

  29. Who gives a sh!t after you find out the price!? This is hoops, not skiing or golf…

  30. $2.5k insane, and u said “it’s 2,500” like ur Mr Beast

  31. The bounce is good , the problem is everyones shot will airball with this ball due to the aerodynamics , i don’t think people are willing to change shooting form for a new ball

  32. Ahhh, yes, the wonders of modern capitalism: pay more but get less for your money. Bravo!

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