The Last College Basketball Game -

The Last College Basketball Game

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NCAA Basketball 10 is the last college basketball game ever made. While College Hoops 2K8 was the best one in my opinion, the presentation found in EA’s offering is probably the best we’ve ever seen in a sports game. There isn’t TOO much to talk about with this title, so it’s a short video, but I’d rather keep it sweet than stretch it to ten minutes.

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  1. Not sure if you’re into MMA but I would love to hear you talk about the GOAT MMA game UFC Undisputed 3 vs the horrendous UFC games EA are pushing out now

  2. I bought ncaa 10 for 110 dollars and it didn’t work 😭😭😭😭

  3. We need another college basketball game on next gen

  4. I'm a huge college basketball fan and own both 2k8 and NCAA 10. Everything you said in regards to both games in spot on. NCAA 10 has the presentation and atmosphere down, but 2k8 has better gameplay, better recruiting, and an incredible career mode.

    2k8 is the better game, no doubt. But I go back to NCAA 10 whenever I miss that presentation.

  5. It sucks all these old college games are so expensive to get on eBay because I would have had all of these already if they weren’t 70$ a piece

    Should I get this college game or college hoops 2k8, I’m more familiar with newer 2ks so if the controls are easier for one please someone let me know

  6. I remember this game would freeze whenever i did a mass substitution.

  7. The only thing I can say bad about this game is the unrealistic AI play I have to turn down the other teams shooting cause they be putting up like 120 a game😂

  8. They need to make another College hoops game for PS4 & PS5

  9. Just bought this off amazon for 110 dollars. DON'T JUDGE ME!

  10. Watched almost all the videos I could by you and shared to all my friends, quality content and great criticism towards EA keep up the work for the community

  11. Love this game!! Thank you!!
    (Also, the EA NHL games from a few years back used the NBC graphics packages and made for a really cool broadcast style presentation experience but nothing has been on the level of this game since).

  12. Talk about nfl gameday 99 to nfl gameday 2005. The 989 sports are super super underdogs in sports video games. Because they made good game like maximum football 18 and 19.

  13. STILL PLAY THIS GAME!!! ESPECIALLY around the basketball season…it's winter the first semester of schools about to be over Christmas is right around the corner. GREAT TIMES

  14. i love your content but i swear you raising resell prices with every video 😭🤣

  15. College sports video games are trash. I always hated playing college cause you can never see their names.

  16. 6 minute video with a 2 minute infomercial? Dislike

  17. The coach yelling out instructions in the windowed-corner is a really nice touch

  18. ANNNNND…



    🎶DME DETROIT 🗣🎙 (
    🎶YUNG COLA 🗣🎙 (

    🎶RIO NKOSI🗣🎙
    🎶LL COOGI 🗣🎙 (

    ➡️🎶11 SONGS


    ➡️FRI., 12/11/2020, 9:30PM EST/8:30PM CST



  19. Would you ever consider doing an episode on the NHL2k games? 2k5-2K10 excluding 2k9 ha.
    Everybody knows nhl14 as the greatest but the 2k series had so much dam passion in their games aswell man.
    Classic teams, tons of jerseys, a crib, the same concept as In NFL 2k5, the presentation in the games is phenomenal. In 2k7 they went for cinemotion so the game is geared towards feeling like a film if you want ha. In one of the games the players grow beards in the playoffs. You can to practice team games in franchise mode. Stats out your eyeballs if you want to.
    E.a came along with their skilkstick and blew 2k out if the water, which is understandable but I feel like the series doesn't get enough love. People just say oh the arcadey games, even though you can change the gameplay to simulation settings. I'd send you my copies if the games but I'm in Europe so PAL discs.
    There is a youtuber 2khockey he's known as DjNeo, he started developing his own game because he didn't like to the direction that E.a was going in with their NHL games. He's been modding and reprogramming 2k11 for a good while now.
    Anyway just a thought, I have nhl 14 and it's a great game but 2k ones are fun aswell and I feel overlooked.

  20. You should do a restrospective on NHL 06, NHL 94, Evolution of NBA Street,

  21. Str8 cap.. best game ever was CoachK basketball.. break the rim with momentum💥..

    Then break it again💯😳✊🏾

  22. This game was the shit me and family always had March madness tournaments $5 a team this game was lit

  23. Being a 35 year old sports gamer. Man I love this channel. It brings back so many memories. Keep it up bro!

  24. 🤦🏾‍♂️They dont even make games like this is craze

  25. This game gets a ton of hate, but it was really fun to play.

  26. Can someone explain to me why Duke's shorts only have one D? It's been bugging me since 2010

  27. Pay the good athletes lmao you got KD and Blake griffin on those covers without getting paid and jalen rose made a doc about how they had Sox and he didn’t get paid. These college games don’t deserve to get made

  28. I was top 7 in the world in NBA live 10, I played number 2 in the world and he did a glitch where my player was half court holding the ball, he somehow left the game so I could only turn off the ps3 or quit… never played live after that

  29. I always liked how it had the CBS And ESPN scoreboard

  30. Fifa has different scoreboard for different leagues to, and they have the real scoreboard

  31. I still have this game along with NCAA Football 14

  32. FIFA's been using different scoreboards for ages bro

  33. I swear I saw this video a few months ago

  34. I have this game but I spilt coke on it as a kid and it doesn’t work 😞😞😞

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