The Last College Basketball Game -

The Last College Basketball Game

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NCAA Basketball 10 is the last college basketball game ever made. While College Hoops 2K8 was the best one in my opinion, the presentation found in EA’s offering is probably the best we’ve ever seen in a sports game. There isn’t TOO much to talk about with this title, so it’s a short video, but I’d rather keep it sweet than stretch it to ten minutes.

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  1. $387 on google shopping 🤦🏾‍♂️

  2. "Every game from my childhood back when I could actually allow myself to enjoy gaming was great! Every new one sucks. If they released Madden 21 in 2001 it'd be perfect!" – This channel

  3. I still have my OG copy from Christmas 2009. It doesn't always work but when it does boy is it fun. I'm scared to see the amount of time in my life I've spent playing that game because I know it's insane.

  4. None of those players got paid so no one misses college games

  5. The net in this game was next level

  6. looks exactly the same as 2k20… gamers are so stupid.

  7. I was ranked #2 in the world on the Xbox 360 version in my college days 💪🏽 I love this game

  8. i think it'll be good if 2k stick with the nba and EA with the college basketball for every year

  9. What camera angle was he using where it’s slightly slanted and changing depending on where you are on the court?

  10. Do people update rosters for this game on the 360?

  11. How can it be the best game and u cant pronounce Dick Vitale right?

  12. The last “good” college hoops game was College hoops 2k8 and I started to comment this as I started the video and you already said it 😂

  13. NCAA Basketball 10 is so much fun. I got a copy of it (and 2k8) recently and I can’t put it down.

  14. College Hoops 2K8 was fire I had fun dunking the ball

  15. The accurate raven opportunely tug because aunt paradoxically present following a awesome tuna. loose, festive fortnight

  16. Game was fun but fake af lol used to piss me off

  17. Hey how do you get your signed recruits to actually end up on your roster? I just signed 8 guys to LaSalle during the season. I simmed the offseason recruiting because I had no more scholly's left. Then when the next season started none of my signed guys were on my roster. What did I do wrong?

  18. Bought 2k8 last week! Might buy this game too!

  19. Can you import draft classes in this game to nba live 10 (like how ncaa 14 imports into madden 25)?

  20. With NCAA football. Coming back need the same with basketball and I love this game

  21. Two problems I have with dynasty. College upgrades are broken. Fully upgrade your campus, three star and 4 star recruits come in with 84 or higher rating. I remember 85 or above rating is when players declare pro. Plus it’s extremely hard to retain players unlike the football games. Second that really irks me. Depending on your success you will eventually lose your home state as a pipeline! Had a 22 year dynasty at Michigan State and by year 10, no player from Michigan was interested in my school! I had a roster of players from multiple states outside of Midwest which makes no sense. Couldn’t interest any players from Michigan. Impossible!

  22. I never knew that a college basketball game released for 2010 especially from ea sports at least it's looking pretty good just like nba live 10..its hard to find in used video game stores.(at least in my country)

  23. Pronounced V- EYE-Tell. Jus sayin, dnt disrespect him. Lol

  24. Just got the game off amazon for $79.99 and playing dynasty mode all week-end, game still holds even if it is 11 years old. So much fun. I hope EA considers giving it some attention (or 2K) with NIL and all

  25. I really hope they release new ones soon it seems so fun

  26. Why is this game so fucking expensive now?? It’s one of the yearly sports games

  27. I still play this and nba 2k11. I even still play nba live 05

  28. Your opinion is trash. Your video is trash. The fact you ride 2k so hard over this is beyond ridiculous. You literally have no idea what you are talking about. Stop making videos about stuff you don't know anything about.

  29. I hated the gameplay and graphics of the old ncaa games I just wish ea bring ncaa basketball back I just wanna take my tar heels to a 33-0 record and a national championship win over duke lol 😂

  30. Colleges don't have basketball programs anymore?

    Edit: I just watched the video, I now understand what the title means

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