The Greatest College Basketball Game of All Time -

The Greatest College Basketball Game of All Time

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College Hoops 2K8 was the greatest college basketball video game of all time, and probably also the greatest college sports video game of all time period. Between the greatest dynasty mode ever, known as legacy mode, and the physics respecting gameplay that still holds up, College Hoops 2K8 is timeless, despite compeition from EA’s March Madness series, including the coveted NCAA Basketball 10. College Hoops 2K8 was just the best ever.

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  1. I will seriously never buy a pair of Raycons because of how much I hear their goddamn commercials on everything I enjoy. Podcast and youtube really want us to buy those cheap pieces of shit.

  2. I've never played 2k8 but I'd be open to trying it out. I hope college hoops video games are coming back like football. I just don't want them made like NBA 2k games I hope it becomes it's own thing. But it would be cool to add a draft class of your team and transfer them into the NBA games. If they do that and make quality games they'd have my money. Road to Glory and Dynasty mode you could move guys into Madden games it was awesome.

  3. Coach K College Basketball was the best title ever and I'm sticking by it.

  4. I always liked 2k sports better especially basketball

  5. Easily greatest bball game ever..remember the hs freshman actually grows throughout hs school was mindblowing

  6. only problem i have with 2k8 is the fact they want you to shoot freethrows with motion sensor lol… playing pc now i dont think thats possible

  7. The hatred I have for EA is just unhealthy

  8. u just convinced me to drop 150 bucks AU on this( im in aussie and conversion rate is bs)

  9. I think NCAA 10 basketball was the best

  10. Coach K was best college basketball game ever

  11. Now you have to pay a good price now for the all pro football 🏈

  12. God forbid they have to pay the players to use their likeness!

  13. Man, between College Hoops 2k8, NBA 2k8, All Pro Football 2k8 and NHL 2K8, you could make the argument that the peak of all 4 series came the same year.

  14. Has my guy made an update on the state of college video games since the NIL deal?

  15. No it ain't. It's ed o'Bannon's fault he's the one that sued ea and 2k for antitrust I actually like college hoops and NBA 2k. The only thing that o'Bannon was is a racist and a basketball player who thinks that he can sue ea sports and 2k for generic players just because your black doesn't mean you have to sue your own sport for antitrust. For once in my life I never liked ed o'Bannon that guy is nothing but a asswhole who thinks that UCLA will win another title to late now unconn won so yes I could see NCAA basketball coming back if the whole racism thing wasn't in there business

  16. If they were to ever bring this to 2k24 it’ll be a wrap for males and female fans of the wnba and nba 🔥

  17. What’s the college basketball game at :08? I’m trying to remember the game I use to play on Xbox 360. The players didn’t have names or anything and the camera was always side to side aka broadcast camera

  18. So… people wouldn't buy games with generic players but IS willing to mod the rosters in? Then what would be the issue?

  19. They should bring back college hoops they are now a multi billion dollar company and the game would certainly sell well with no competition and it being the only other AAA basketball game in the market.

  20. I set up the canceled 2020 NCAA tournament with this game and streamed it, super fun activity during covid. Wish they still made these games, loved them.

  21. The licensed presentation in 10 is fantastic. I love that you can pick between the CBS broadcast and ESPN broadcast. However, 2K8 does play much better.

  22. 1000th comment because 999 was driving me nuts

  23. Just picked up a copy for 2.99 at a thrift shop still in shock

  24. Nba 2k8 is prob my fav of that series too. Smh just don’t make em like they used to

  25. Thats a good college basketball game

  26. Is there any way to get updates for 2K eight for Xbox 360 I just found this game in 2023 at a flea market for five bucks is there a way to update the roster on Xbox 360 I know this video is old but can you help

  27. 0:33 The reason that these games are not made anymore was because they were using college athletes likeness without paying the college athletes.

  28. If there are 351 schools, with 10 people on the roster, that's 3,510 players to pay. Giving them $1,000 a piece is $3.5 million. $100 a piece is $351,000. Then you'd have stars complaining that they don't get paid more. Lol

  29. Wow what a video.
    What’s the best version to get this on? Xbox360?

  30. Do they do broadcasts for the games in cbs and ESPN?

  31. Can you convert draft classes from 2k8 hoops to 2k8 nba

  32. Basketball on ps3/360 was perfection

  33. I'm glad you were wrong about it being a LONG TIME until a college game is released. Now if only EA can learn to not make a garbage sports game, we'll all be happy.

  34. College football is back baby. But 2k needs to release a college game bad

  35. can you make another video saying this game sucks?

    so that the prize on amazon can drop

  36. I bought this game because I wanted to play the legacy mode and actually play my team's games myself. But the mechanics of the game are so bad it ruined it for me. I understand the game came out in 2007 but the dribbling should not be as bad as it is. Having to hold the left stick a certain way to perform a certain dribbling move makes no sense when the left stick is already controlling your movement and momentum. It's almost impossible to create an open shot with the dribbling mechanics. I've also watched point guards get rebounds over centers while they're boxed out. Unless you plan on simulating games I wouldn't buy this game. The gameplay is terrible

  37. College sports is back brother! Doubt we’ll get college basketball but hey it’s possible now

  38. I’m jus now watching we finally back @ it w college football

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