The Disrespect 😳🥶 #nba #shorts -

The Disrespect 😳🥶 #nba #shorts

Naifh Alehydeb
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  1. Thats cold 🥶 I want to see him and bronny do something like that to

  2. That’s called bringing street ball to the Arena on a professional level…

  3. Traveling, Flopping, whiney ass cry baby finally stops ball hogging and look at the uproar over nothing …Why??
    Cause he is nothing.
    M J G.O.A.T. PERIOD !

  4. Russel just standing there:

  5. There’s nothing meritorious in being disrespectful. It just shows your lack of upbringing and more importantly character.

  6. Give them bread and Circuses 🎪  a situation in which a government tries to take attention away from real problems or issues, by providing people with things which seem to make their lives more enjoyable.

  7. Once a merchant was ridding

  8. And then the game winner gets ruined by ad fouling mike Conley on the three point line I watched this live it was crazy

  9. The bench”that’s like the first three y’all have ever made

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