The Championship Game Got Out Of Control... 5v5 Men's League Basketball! -

The Championship Game Got Out Of Control… 5v5 Men’s League Basketball!

Tristan Jass
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This game was the most intense game ever… Enjoy the video!


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  1. Tristan horrible free throw shooter, zero patience at the line. Take you time, get balanced and shoot. You will make more

  2. #1 needs to sit on the bench or just pass the ball. No outside shot and misses inside ??

  3. They should've drew the foul more often.

  4. wow…now, THAT'S some COMPETITION! Both sides did well, and, went all out. This was a very exciting watch!

  5. is #1 nice? because he take every shot like he thinks he kobe

  6. Yeah that # 23 on your side is not that good at all. Looks and height don't win games as you already know.

  7. "I didn't know there was only 3 secs left.". THREE guys and THE COACH in the huddle said it. ROFLMAO!

  8. Hey; build a professional team.

    On the same line as the Harlem Globe Trotters

  9. Watching this lost was like me watching my favorite NBA team Nuggets get beat by one point also. Good stuff tho homie

  10. The way red dude with no number shoots is so cringy 😫

  11. Should have won! Free throws and sloppy passing at the end killed you guys! Good game!

  12. That first time out yall had bro??? That was as sorry team sportsmanship as I've ever seen. Yall act like you hate one another and super whiney. Cringy AF. I'll be surprised if yall win. Plus the bvb team your playin is hella good on D. This was a rough one to watch.

  13. You could tell from the get go. All white and man bun is hot 🗑

  14. I love watching your games and you don’t get into a pissing match when the others cheat. Very good sportsmanship, keep it up.

  15. Y’all garbage at free throws. Might as well be expensive ass throws because ain’t nothing free about it when y’all attempt them

  16. is it fair to say that you play amatuer ball professionally?

  17. I don't know why, but trash talk doesn't intimidate me at all… I just don't care about trash…

  18. Learn too shoot free throws, saw a lot of air balls . You make those you win,simple as that

  19. tired of watching these whole vids to see a loss to these nasty people

  20. Good game Tristan. Im a new fan. You bolla

  21. "easy layups all day"
    yeah well it doesn't matter if all you're gonna do is miss them

  22. no one:
    absolutely nobody:
    literally everyone in this video: ben simmons

  23. What is this? Swedia vs angolia? I dont see united here…

  24. Bad free throws on both sides for top men’s league.

  25. Ngapain woi tjass coach udah suruh defense balik malah di foul

  26. Ngl red shoes is really bad and is frustrating to watch. He seems like a good dude but seriously, he ain’t doing nothing on the court. They just lag off him and double team T Jass

  27. That other team was butt raping Jass's team in fouls. Refs wouldn't call shit either.

  28. The one theme to these videos is, the loud mouths are always the worst players.

  29. man I love tjass but every time he just stands in the huddle and then says "lets go team on 3! 1,2,3!" then proceeds to never pass the ball

  30. Bro this kinda wasn’t fair ngl like Tristan and his team don’t deserve this disrespect 😔 BUT HE DESTROYED THEM

  31. It’s like they were using fouls or get extra points ngl

  32. Nobody asked me, but this game was lost because you had two point guards instead of having the big guy who got kicked in the head in the game. You got out rebounded, plain and simple. Tristan didn't get as many shots because of two point guards being in the game at the same time while getting out rebounded down low for easy second shots.

    It was a pretty easy win against a talented team all said and done. Make those lineup adjustments and i bet it would have been a 5-10 point victory.

  33. I fuck with you bro so no disrespect but your team kinda sucks

  34. If u guys didnt throw so much 3 and play more defence, u would have a chance

  35. On today's episode of Tristan needs better teammates…

  36. i don't really like Tristan Jass, just a personal preference, but damn I really respect him for him always keeping his cool when ppl get physical with him or try to wind him up. and is always respectful and humble on the court until his opponents start acting like douches.

    you see so many Youtube ballers go onto the court trying to rile people up for "content"

  37. Hope you guys enjoyed the men’s league season! Thanks for the support! Love you all! ❤️🙏

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