the biggest player in college basketball -

the biggest player in college basketball

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During the college basketball game between D3 St John Fisher and Buffalo, St John Fisher’s Connor Williams received a lot of attention as he is 360 pounds. He only played for four minutes, but was able to make an impact as he had two assists, Unfortunately for St John Fisher, his impact was not enough as Buffalo cruised to a 100-58 victory.

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  1. he isnt proud of being fat at least, just like the left

  2. толстый не плохой плеймейкер:)

  3. Imagine how many calories he goes through to be that big while active.

  4. how can someone be so fat in such a sport? He's like a little kid that you let play along or its brother will beat you up. stumbles around all the time and has no purpose on the field.
    The only reason no one in the audience is laughing is because everyone is afraid of being sued

  5. 30 points behind…


    Seriously i was expecting something entirely different but MAN! That assist after that fell down was so suprising "holy shi*t" moment… Kudos Connor for that beautiful play

  6. Looks like that fat kid from the movie Teen Wolf

  7. Could've sworn he was gonna bang out some rebounds using his mass to create some space

  8. I was the biggest on my team, but one time there was an opponent twice my weight, and I had to guard him. I got bullied do bad😭

  9. Where he thinks can go as a fat man? He better stop eating tonns of hamburger

  10. Makes me not feel so bad trying to exercise and my man boobs got sweat under them.

  11. Why don't his trainers help him get in shape? Would be a lot better if he had mobility. Lets go Williams!

  12. Dude sacrificed his whole career for that assist

  13. ngl shoulda picked football woulda been beast

  14. People see downside in big men in basketball especially in today's game but I disagree tbh. If you get a big man who can shoot but obviously also post up and play D, they can maximize the potential by having good court vision and passing. Bait in a double team, pass out for an open 3 or a driving teammate. Something I wish they utilized Tacko Fall for in the NBA.

  15. He's not going to be leading any fast breaks any time soon, but he does seem to have a deft hand at passing. I was a fat guy on a basketball team, and my job was to "defend" and "disrupt", and if my large size and poor coordination resulted in a few fouls here and there, then oh well. You don't put a 360-pound guy (never got that big at that age, thankfully) in at point if he doesn't have a reason to be there.

  16. Corndogs Jackie. Corn dogs for all these people.

  17. I'm thinking he's going to be a plumber when he graduates.

  18. He looks like me out there playing. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. За толстячком самое интересное наблюдать было

  20. 0:53 I like how the first guy that didn't get shook up looks at his hand, then claps😭

  21. He is an inspiration for all of us big guys that just wanna be ballers.

  22. He probably won’t make it into the nba but he will sure as we’ll be white Michael Jordan

  23. He is listed at 360 pounds! He was dropping dimes out there too, probably could’ve done without the plumber crack tho 😅

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