the biggest player in college basketball is back -

the biggest player in college basketball is back

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During the college basketball game between D3 St. John Fisher and Buffalo, viral sensation Connor Williams entered the game and got some playing time. Williams went viral last year due to being the biggest player in college basketball, coming in at 7 feet tall and 360 pounds. He was able to make a few plays during this game and finished with 3 points, 6 rebounds, and 2 assists.

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  1. The commentary Was like ”the big Guy” that feels kinda WEIRD to say

  2. 어디 리그인지 알려주실분 ncaa인가여?

  3. This has got to become a movie…The Blind Side vibes

  4. People keep cheering because this degree of being overweight in basketball is kind of a disability. I understand he is a great guy and he just doesn't care. But in a way, he is wasting his God-given opportunity. Only about 3000 people out the world population are 7 footers.

  5. I wouldn't be surprised if a decent team offered him a scholarship and then just made him lose some weight. I mean at 7 feet tall with a clean jump shot. It's hard to think that a great coach can't be thinking the same thing

  6. Doesn't that count as 6 players on the side.

  7. Gotta lose the weight, too slow and got no inside game..Height only thing he got inside.. lose like 80 lbs might be a factor

  8. Every time I see Connor Williams I instantly think of No Fear! 👍

  9. This is not far, his run block is like a wall. I like the way he plays, he knows that no body will pass true him.

  10. 7’ 360 lbs feeding the post from the top of the key to what looks like a guard, add that to the list of things I never thought I’d see…..

  11. Find the football team, get in the o line and make millions

  12. 갱 스토킹으로 알려진 프로그램은 다양한 괴롭힘, 위협, 차량 폭행 및 기타 폭력적인 메커니즘을 통해 생명을 유지하기 때문에 미국 연방 정부는 주에서 승인한 살인죄를 범하게 됩니다.

  13. Coach is to soft . I would make him run 100 laps in gym.

  14. Only thing that I noticed he looks really clever when he took the ball, he sees everywhere. I can not imagine if he could fit his body to a regular size. His hands are really soft by the way. I hope you will get there buddy!

  15. He is a pretty decent ball player I hope he drops some weight and joins the big 3

  16. バスケの練習してどうやってその体型を維持できるのか逆に気になる笑

  17. Stop torturing this guy for make him run. First he needs to loss proper amount of weight 💯

  18. His weight is the reason people are talking about him. If he was doing the exact same things but was 100lbs lighter, he wouldn’t be getting special coverage.

    This is a dig at the guy.

  19. What's the point of this video? Just because he's that fat and can make a 3 point shot every 6 months he's nothing special. He can't make even a free throw plus he turned balls over… it's just for views…terrible..

  20. Nikola Jokiç before he got drafted to NBA 😄

  21. Dudes just the fat dude that sits at the three line.He don't deserve a spot on that roster.

  22. Plyer with that size and weight, it is fun to see for ppl but very worrysome for the kid of that to play basketball. Looks so bad for his knees even though he jumps gingerly.

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