The BEST timing in basketball! #shorts -

The BEST timing in basketball! #shorts

Nate Ryan
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The best basketball timing!

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  1. Number 3 got me dyeing cuz of licking armpits😂

  2. Number 2 is Hella edited, the other side of the rim was gone

  3. Just saying you can see mars from earth I know people are gonna comment about it but it’s true but the Yao Ming picture nah that guy been waiting for years for that 😂

  4. 3 was actually insane (had me crying in my bed for 3 days 💀💀)

  5. I mean everyone got that one weird picture

  6. 3rd bro why is the man licking on the arm pit

  7. 2 is fake, that blood moon would have to be behind both rims, it covers one rim

  8. The one with the moon in the basket was obviously photoshopped because you can't see the back of the rim.

  9. Ja tirei uma igual a 2 , ❤ basketball!!
    Nao sou vidrado ,mas me fez viver momentos incríveis .

  10. 2 is fake if it was actually a planet u would be able to see the other side of the rim

  11. The 2nd one is fake because the rim would be blocking half of the moon from the other side or the rim is just cut in half

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