The best Team in NBA 😤🔥 #shorts -

The best Team in NBA 😤🔥 #shorts

Naifh Alehydeb
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  1. MJ meat riders vs. Curry warrior meat riders. The battle of the dorito smells and horrible opinions 😂.

  2. And who won the championship that year?

  3. Both are wrong. Don’t say I’m a major laker fan. Lakers are tied with Celtics for most championships ever. They also have had the most all stars. And the record books is covered with laker players.

  4. bro im checking nba tables, i cant find 73-9 ratio. can someone help me

  5. all right bro not the warriors edit

  6. I just got to say that 72 and nine Warriors would run the bulls out the gym because they would not know how to stop Curry

  7. Down 1-3 its was amazing run 73-9👎

  8. The Best team is the one that won the gold and thw Warriors didn't they wated that wondreful time

  9. That golden state warriors was in 2015 – 2016

  10. Cavs beat the best team so technically CAVS is GOAT TEAM

  11. The best team 71-9? Or the greatesr choke ever😂

  12. Best player of all time is Wilt Chamberlain who scored 100 points in a game during a time where there were no three-point shots. Second is MJ then third is Kareem Abdul Jabbar, fourth Kobe Bryant, fifth Bill Russel, Larry Bird, Steph Curry, LeBron & other greats.

    Best team has too many variables. Even some European teams were best team in the world at some point.

  13. Credit to the 9 teams that beat them tho 😂


  15. Bruhh…….bulls have a 3 peat twice🔥

  16. The 73-9 warriors went 15-9 in the playoffs that year and lost in the finals
    The 1996 bulls went 72-10 and had a playoff record of 15-3 and got the job done
    So 88-18 and don’t win the finals compared to 87-13 and get the job done
    I’m with MJ and forever will be in this debate

  17. Oh yes, 73-9 best record in 2016 and blew a 3-1 lead in the finals. They broke the record.

  18. 90s NBA was a prime NBA not like this dumb warriors dynasty time mj has warriors in small finger😂

  19. But warriors lost to Cleveland in finals

  20. Respond to this comment with your favorite team my favorite team is warriors

  21. Los 2016-2017 de los warrios es el mejor equipo de la historia ya que consiguieron un record de 15-1 en playoffs

  22. 1996 bulls win a ring
    2015-16 warrios lose a ring

  23. I ain’t trying to be mean but it was the 15-16 warriors not 16-17 I’m not saying your dumb or wrong you thought it was that year but you’re alright

  24. The Bulls won the chip and the warriors choked a 3-1 lead 😂

  25. You got it wrong. 2015-16 warriors got the 73 win record

  26. 73 nine doesn’t mean anything without a ring

  27. It don’t mean a thing without the ring

  28. 73-9 without a ring ❌
    72-10 with a ring ✔️

    And the prove of ashamed is becoming a dominating record but beat by Cavs in finals 3-1 deficit series to 3-4 comeback😅

  29. Jordan 72 win
    NBA world champions
    73 win
    No NBA world champions

  30. The bulls finish the job warriors not warrior<bulls

  31. Yeah but golden state couldn’t put a ring on it lol

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