The Best of Kobe Bryant at the Olympic Games -

The Best of Kobe Bryant at the Olympic Games

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Kobe Bryant’s career is recognized as one of the greatest in basketball history – be it in the NBA or for Team USA at the Olympic Games. A double gold medallist at Beijing 2008 and London 2012, “The Black Mamba” scored over 200 points and wowed the fans around the world with 3-pointers, dunks, and his overall performance. Watch these moments as a tribute to one of the most tremendous and outstanding athletes of all time.

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  1. The only reason I watched these games was because of Kobe, no one else.

  2. Kobe we miss u he gave me everything he had as a Laker fan thank u Mamba rest in peace.

  3. Kobe we miss u he gave me everything he had as a Laker fan thank u Mamba rest in peace.

  4. For me he is the goat along with his airness. Simple and that's it.

  5. Why'd you make me cry for over a week? Now, i don't enjoy watching the NBA as much as i used to before. It leaves a big gap for me over your demise. RIP mamba. Mamba forever!!!!!

  6. It was Prime Dream Team that year in 2008 😍🔥
    Everyone was in his Prime :))

  7. 2:41 Is the bench seriously jumping up complaining about traveling? Are they dumb?

  8. Whoa whoa whoa 4:46 the Kobe Lebron double post…..nah that’s unfair

  9. Miss you Black Mamba!!! Bittersweet and pain never goes away but watching this makes you immortal !!!

  10. Kobe got them the gold that one year. His work ethic and mamba mentality made an huge imprint on his teammates

  11. Never met the in my life, but goddamn I miss him!

  12. Kobe's defense and clutch play after clutch play was the reason why Team USA won the finals against Spain. Spain made a run and was threatening with the upset, but Kobe just took over.

  13. Some of the most heartwarming comments ever for this video!!

    RIP to all those lost on that fateful day…….

  14. He reminds me of Goku fighting all the fighters for all 12 universe and being excited lol

  15. Kobe was saying to Gasol aye see you at practice next week my brother ✊🏽

  16. Kobe… one of the greatest American athletes to ever represent us on an international scale! Well played, sir! Well played! Thank you!

  17. The music ruined this video. It s fkin terrible. Should have kept the commentary instead.

  18. the league was better with Kobe in it, team USA was better with Kobe in it, the world was a better place with Kobe in it
    rip the GOAT KB forever be missed

  19. who else just watched this after the Nigeria beats the Team USA? missing the Killer Mamba mentality

  20. This was recommended after that game where nigeria vs usa.

  21. Never saw Jordan but I saw, hated and learned to love both Kobe and Lebron. So glad they won 2 gold together

  22. Nunca te olvidaremos Kobe y tú baloncesto menos !

  23. Rest in peace Kobe and Gigi Bryant And everyone else on that flight

  24. Haven't heard from him in a while. Whatever happened to this guy?

  25. Kobe doesn't get enough credit for changing Team USA culture. We were going downwards in 06 even with Bron/Wade/Melon on the team. It was Kobe that changed it and restored dominance

  26. .when u realize, YouTube recommended this because team USA2021 got beaten twice now.😂😂😂

  27. Look now USA Team and SAD !!!

  28. Back when team USA wasn’t fishing for fouls

  29. Lebron deciding earlier to join the lakers to play would been great

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