The Best of Kobe Bryant at the Olympic Games -

The Best of Kobe Bryant at the Olympic Games

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Kobe Bryant’s career is recognized as one of the greatest in basketball history – be it in the NBA or for Team USA at the Olympic Games. A double gold medallist at Beijing 2008 and London 2012, “The Black Mamba” scored over 200 points and wowed the fans around the world with 3-pointers, dunks, and his overall performance. Watch these moments as a tribute to one of the most tremendous and outstanding athletes of all time.

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  1. what's the first song called? that instrumental is so nice

  2. Now no kobe to save USA team at tokyo Olympics

  3. We almost had it back in 2012; I still got faith that 2021 could really be the year, our particular "Last Dance" for the best spanish generation ever


  5. now we got KD who is getting biten by Nigeria

  6. Jordan bulls 23 team USA 9
    Kobe Lakers 24
    Team USA 10 🤫🤔🤔🤷🏾‍♂️ r.i.p Kobe you gave us your best games and memories🐍🙏💯

  7. Kobe Bryant was one of a kind ! They will never be no one like him ! Thank You Kobe Bryant!

  8. I know I seem slow here but I didn't know he participated in the Olympics too. Please don't come at me its not that serious. I didnt know

  9. My hero the one and only black mamba 😭🖤

  10. Now that he's gone, the whole world knows there isn't any other
    greatness like Kobe, who loves basketball with all his heart.
    Miss you Kobe.

  11. Arguably the flashiest player without any effort doing it. Such graceful moves and he's dunks wer amazing nobody can even mimic that.

  12. I feel the American pride. No kneeling or marxist BS, just basketball. 2021 team should take notice.

  13. Kobe played at such an Elite level under pressure. LeBron falls short on the biggest stage under the brightest lights. Kobe shined in the clutches situations. Kobe flourished at an Elite level.

  14. Dwayne Wade as Kobe backup, that's totally crazy lineup.

  15. @3:43 "dont worry lil bro we getting the NBA Chip next summer keep your head up" Big homie telling the lil homie to keep grinding

  16. this version of us team vs the version of us team today..🤭

  17. Love the exchange with Gasol at the end. Kobe knew then that they could win some championships together and they did

  18. notice how kid james is looking up to FATHER KOBE here

  19. Watching this saying a lot about Kobe game vs LeBron game he is passing it to the second best player that ever played.

  20. Guess what would Kobe say if he saw the USA team this year?

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  22. Miss you Mamba….Respect from Hungary!!!

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  24. Kobe was sensational he definitely was the reason team USA won in 08- rest in peace

  25. without kobe lebron never win and Olympic

  26. Kobe once was here, 20 years playing, he tought us to never fear to play.and fight till the end, there is hope, then he is gone forever, he was taken away.from us so suddenly,.some of us had hope he come.back for the last time but he did it all , it is enough, for.that reason I always say Thank you Kobe!

  27. Min 3:13, the act of the Black mamba, done! They are dead

  28. If you're teammates don't jump up and down for you like bosh did here @1:52. They ain't yo real teammates 🤣😂 no I'm jk

  29. Rest In Peace warrior king.
    You may be gone but will never be forgotten.
    You will be missed.
    We will see you again.

  30. Nice to have an assassin like Jordan or Kobe on the squad…I wonder if KD or Dame can fill that void this year.

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