The Best of Kobe Bryant at the Olympic Games -

The Best of Kobe Bryant at the Olympic Games

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Kobe Bryant’s career is recognized as one of the greatest in basketball history – be it in the NBA or for Team USA at the Olympic Games. A double gold medallist at Beijing 2008 and London 2012, “The Black Mamba” scored over 200 points and wowed the fans around the world with 3-pointers, dunks, and his overall performance. Watch these moments as a tribute to one of the most tremendous and outstanding athletes of all time.

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  1. Chinas home game, yet Kobe gets the loudest cheer. Rip

  2. RIP bro. You were the best pure scorer ever

  3. If the pilot of the helicopter crash listened to Kobe he would've never died.

  4. Rest in peace the legend Kobe Bryant we miss you

  5. The team this year have a lot to live up to. They haven't started great but we hope they finish great cos it's the end that matters.

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  7. 2008 Olympic Kobe was a straight up beast. I loved how he slimmed up that year so he could put an emphasis on defense, and guarding the other teams best player every game. He also came up super clutch on offense at the end of games. That's what we're missing this year.

  8. Kobe is a class act. Was about to celebrate and then decide to shake hands with Spain.

  9. That‘s the definition of an 99 ovr NBA Charakter

  10. 2020 USA Men's Basketball Team SHOULD WATCH THIS VIDEO.
    The Mamba Is Larger than Life….

  11. USA in tokyo 2029 lack of leadership 🙁 sad to see but they will not win a gold medal this year

  12. Kobe always salute His audience after every match … Forever Kobe ….RIP Legend

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  14. Don't mind me, I'm just seeing these performances so I can forgot 2021 Team USA.

  15. This was absolute PEAK PEAK Kobe. Look at the shape he's in

  16. Such a sad loss for basketball… Leaving three girls and a wife behind… 🥺

  17. Blessing be upon kobes family wife and daughter and Paul Gasol. For naming his new born daughter after kobes daughter GIGI..

  18. Legendary BLACK MAMBA has ever step in a court💯

  19. Try not to watch kobe highlights makes me upset 😒

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  21. Remove Kobe and the USA would have lost this game.

  22. Kobe's presence on the USA team helped Americans be back on the world stage. Without Kobe, I don't think that you could happen. Senegal, West Africa.

  23. Kobe is once again keenly aware that he is one of the greatest players in NBA history.

    The friendship with Gasol, who made history with the Lakers, is exciting.
    From Japanese Kobe fans

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  25. RIP a Legend that the world will never see again

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