The Best Basketball Game Ever? -

The Best Basketball Game Ever?

How Ridiculous
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Who wants to play Basketball Tic Tac Toe?

Thanks to Spalding for the 9 hoops, you guys are legends! Check out our Instagram post @howridiculous to win your very own hoop just like we used in the video!

Thanks to Adventure Out for keeping us safe with all the rigging and harnesses at the quarry, you guys are legends:


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  1. Y’all earned that Spaulding sponsorship with the opening clip. Wow!

  2. It comforts my soul seeing everyone tethered at the top of the quarry lol

  3. The idea: take connect 4, revamp the rules for 3 to play. Make it HUGE! Then play off a cliff like! That would be EPIC!

  4. Very nice video boys and can I say well done on the come from behind victory Scott. You definitely earned it because as usual Derek was being the overconfident jerk that he wants to be apparently.

  5. Also I will say Scott that like you I was beginning to lose faith that you would not win but after watching the rest of the video I was right there with you in spirit cheering you on till the final shot was made and then like you I was celebrating your victory over the overconfident Derek

  6. The new facility looks fanfriggingtastic 💥😎💥

  7. He did say he was practically the favorite

  8. How many balls do you have ? you have been throwing them for hours.

  9. In America we have magic shell instead of ice magic

  10. im your number 1 fan….and i love youuuuuuuuuuuuu

  11. very nice !!! basketball game like i want to see 🙂 good job guys !!

  12. I'm in a group chat called "steve". You just got 5 shares for the price of 1.

  13. Hey guys does anybody know what the music is for this vid

  14. well, in the end its a lowercase h 😀 could have only be better if its a uppercase H

  15. A new video by HR! This was a great birthday present to me! 🙂

  16. Just an FYI, the side D rings yall have the carabiners hooked into are not fall rated, they are solely for positioning. You can hook off to the tower from the sides and use your hands freely. If either of you were to actually fall you'd end of hanging sideways, not a preferably position to fall into.

  17. Omg I can’t even watch this looks like your arms are dieing😮😪👌👏☹️😑😐

  18. I got a sunburn just watching this video

  19. Pause the video at 1:34 what if you woke up in the morning and see that staring at you. What do you do?


  21. I'm wondering if editor Jack left ALL bounces with the montages?

  22. All the wins in this video were on the left side going up

  23. So never give up. its never over untill its over.

  24. hy can you send me a gift for my child iam from pakistan

  25. Once you're all alone for hours, just like Stanford, you get bored and say a bunch of nonsense.

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