The Basketball Game NO ONE Will Forget 💯 | Clutch #Shorts -

The Basketball Game NO ONE Will Forget 💯 | Clutch #Shorts

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Jason McElwain, known as J-Mac, was diagnosed with highly-functioning autism at age 2. In high school, J-Mac became Greece Athena basketball team’s student manager, but he became a NATIONAL HERO after the coach decided to play him in the final minutes of senior night in 2006.

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  1. Dope story, but mfs gettin a lil yo comfortable w the word hero lol

  2. Bro I’m just waiting for dj Khalid saying “Another one , Another one , “ 😂

  3. He is from near me at greece athena high school

  4. People here really don’t know what autism is. It’s pretty sad to see how people on these channels use the label. If anyone here had the audacity to learn what autism is you would know why people with it are so successful. Pretty disappointing how the label was used here btw!

  5. 500 shots every day? That’s more then Ben Simmons and Anthony Davis in nba seasons

  6. Sank 6 three’s bro? Bro has Hall of fame clutch shooter

  7. I have tourrettes. Straight up didn't have time to try out for the team my freshman year, but still supported the team in any way I could. They made an award called student fan of the game and gave it to me 3/4 of the way through the season. I was the loudest kid in the student section. Here I am going into my Sophomore year as the team manager. Basketball has given me a lot of good things.

  8. I met this guy a few years ago in a bball camp in ny I didn't know he was this famous

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