The Basic Rules of Basketball | Basketball -

The Basic Rules of Basketball | Basketball

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In this video, you will learn the basic rules of basketball that you’ll need to know in a game situation.

This is the very first video in our series of Basketball videos, designed to teach you everything you need to know to get started! Keep watching for more fantastic free videos.

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Watch this short tutorial to discover how a basketball game is played, as well as the basic rules and the different zones of the court.

This program was created thanks to the support of Decathlon, Sikana’s partner for sports videos, along with the participation of the French Basketball Federation, an organisation which organises, runs and develops basketball in France

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  1. I’m watching this because I have basketball try outs in a few days and I have never played basketball😭 I’m a soccer player

  2. I’m a 10 year old girl, I wanna be a basketball player this is very

  3. Can somebody tell me the 3 rules of basketball I’m doing it for a gym assignment but I don’t feel like watching all of this😭

  4. here because i have pe tomorrow and i suck at this game

  5. I should have seen these videos when I was at basketball team, after me leaving the team I felt bad for not knowing well the rules by heart and ended up here lol

  6. Oh…u put the ball through the net…I thought u were supposed to dunk with new borns

  7. The ways that you created contents or presented this is so easy to understand . So helpful >

  8. Hey you, Jesus is real! He loves you and died for you. You are never too far gone to accept Him in your heart! 🙂 Have a good day!!💝

  9. when it’s a foul do refs in basketball hold up their hand then they say what foul after? Sorry I’m new at basketball just starting

  10. Basketball is the only sport where the rule book contains players' names.
    For example, "If you move without dribbling the ball, and if your name is not Lebron or Harden, then…"

  11. what's the line for that's after the penalty line (before the overall halfcircle tough

  12. Learned basketball due to kuroko basketball

  13. Im 13 and 5"11, i mostly only play when in school the teacher lets me shoot some hoops and last time i did it i had hella fun so I'm thinking of trying it out fr

  14. Idk much about basketball but me and my friend are trying out on Tuesday. Nervous since I haven’t been too active over quarantine and I still can’t dribble while moving too well…

  15. is it just me or did your coach make you watch this

  16. Can someone explain to me with the free throws positioning like where am I supposed to stand if I’m not shooting the free throw

  17. the 2 best things of this video is that
    the video is only 2 minutes long
    it explains it so simpl3

  18. When you know how to play basketball really well but trying to know the rules to get selected in the school team😅😂

  19. thanks! im writing a story that involves basketball despite never playing it in my life lmao this really helped!!

  20. Ty for helping I'm going to a game tomorrow!

  21. Thank you so much! My dad or brother didn’t really ever talk about sports unless it was football or golf and I don’t want to play those. So thank you for everything man

  22. thank you so much i have a game today and i don’t know the rules as much as the other girls and watching your video on positions was really helpful to!

  23. In in 9th grade and I'm trying out for basketball but I know nothing about it😩and this helped so much thank u

  24. I don't think I've ever posted a comment on YouTube before, but you guys really deserve a huge shout out. I've been searching all over YouTube for basketball fundamentals that a beginner can understand – as in 1st and 2nd graders – but most of the videos are hard to follow (for young beginners) because often the speakers talk too fast, and the moves are too fast as well. Your slow motion shots and easy-to-follow explanations are SO HELPFUL. And because the videos are VERY short and very specific, the concepts are easy to grasp, and the topics are easy to find. You did a great job. Thank you so much!

  25. Thank you for this concept it took me 16 years in order to understand basketball 😭🤗

  26. the girls basketball team at my school doesnt have enough players to compete so my friend convinced me to join….wish me luck lol

  27. I m have my basketball practical. And it's been 2 yrs since I played. It helped to remember things. Thank you sikana team ☺

  28. I went to my second or third live basketball game last night with my brother. I didn’t really have a side until the woman in the row behind me started slamming on a seat a few down the row from me and screaming for the team my brother’s school was playing against. Out of pure spite, I supported my brother’s team and they ended up winning the NCAA championship for the Southland conference. A victory has never felt so good.

  29. Good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good


  31. Tommorow is the day of my basketball match.wish me luck ;-;

  32. I know how to use My skill but i dont know the rules haha

  33. not me watching this to try to bag a basketball boy…

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