The 5 WORST Basketball games EVER!!! -

The 5 WORST Basketball games EVER!!!

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Here is the list of the 5 worst basketball games of the last 10 years. Do you agree or disagree with my order.
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  1. People getting “it was a good game” mixed up with “it was my favorite game”.

  2. Make a video worst YouTube ever and the number one is you

  3. :Tray what's the name of that future song

  4. Where’s NBA LIVE 06 That game is Trash🤢🤮

  5. Sony by far has the worst NBA games I have ever played they weren't just bad they were completely horrible

  6. Actually all nba 2k mobile games are the worst of all especially 2k16 mobile

  7. 3on3 is only a good game for kids or for playing with your kids.. But dont play it with your adult driends bcuz an adult getting into the game for the first time will not enjoy it.

  8. NBA 2K11 is STILL the best basketball game ever made.

  9. I love 3on3 freestyle the game is okay the things have glitches bugs they fixed no disrespect trey Cus you my nigga but maybe it’s trash to you Cus you don’t know how to play it now the game is kinda stupid Cus ppl make contested shots I’m not afraid to admit the game was broken it is stupid it’s broken and the cards are stupid but it’s a free country so if you believe it’s trash who am I stop you I loved 2k 13 but at the same time hated it plus there’s a easier way to block dunk still it or you can still it as you can dunk

  10. How could yu put 3 on 3 on their everyone plays thatttt

  11. NBA 2k13 is best one in my opinion you tripping

  12. NBA 2k13 had one of the best soundtracks of any 2k

  13. NBA 2k13 is my favorite one. It's way better nba 2k17, nba 2k18, nba 2k19, and nba 2k20.

  14. Top 5 best 2ks for me
    NBA 2k13
    NBA 2k14
    NBA 2k16
    NBA 2k15
    NBA 2k12

  15. Y’all the reason 2K18 ain’t here is cause 18 wasn’t released yet

  16. Ight, first things first
    2k13 was amazing
    Add 2k20 on there

  17. 2K13 was the 3rd 2K I ever played and I love it. 2K11 was my first 2K and I love it the most and 2K12 is a good one too I have. I haven't played ALOT of the 2Ks like 14,15,16,17,19 I want to look into buying atleast 2 out of the ones I named. IDC about online stuff because I'm an offline Sports gamer.

  18. Please make a part 2 & it should have nba live 18

  19. Tray… I’m hurt that you put that weak ass VR game at 4th🤦🏾‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. Nba Elite 11 is actually really fun and could have been revolutionary.

  21. How can you incorporate a VR game on this list?😂

  22. i loved 2k13 but yeah wont lie that shit broken as fuck.

  23. Which game made you have to pay for all star weekend?

  24. I fw 2k13 but not being able to block a dunk used to irritate a nigga. 2k14 on last gen was fye af

  25. Just because you can't play doesn't mean they are bad games🤙

  26. Not going to lie 3 on 3 was a great game to me!!

  27. NBA Elite 11 was bad but the Soundtrack was Cool.

  28. Maybe I’m in the minority but 2k13 is actually my favorite PS3 Era 2K game. 11 is clearly better, and 10 is really good as well but 13 had the best controls of any while still displaying a lot of the great aspects of 11 and 12

  29. Oww. It hurts having ur favourite game being called bad (3on3 freestyle)

    Edit: I understand why he said it's bad, he played it 3 years ago I can agree it wasnt good 3 years ago.

  30. NBA 2K13 is one of the worst 2K games for me because the controls is bad becuase the controls is different to 2K11, 2K12 and 2K14 (PC), the gameplay is so fast and like he said, you can't block dunks unlike other 2Ks and eurostep/hopstep is terrible and last of all, the Hall of Fame difficulty is just same to Pro mode

  31. Idk 3on3 ain't that bad for a free game, if it was 50 dollars then that's fr some shit, but it's like, low-mid tier

  32. Darkest memory of my life was playing a quick game in 2k13 against the nuggets. Iggy was pascal before pascal was pascal🌪

  33. NBA 2k13 was lit! Had its glitches but was good

  34. So Apparently alot of yall love 2k13 which is understandable but how can you watch the points that I made in this video and say im wrong??

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