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Texas A&M-Commerce vs #16 Kentucky Basketball Game Highlights 11 10 2023

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Texas A&M-Commerce vs #16 Kentucky Basketball Game Highlights 11 10 2023
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  1. Calipari needs to implement the no middle defense like Baylor did have some dawgs as your on ball defenders deny penetration give no space and help on pick and rolls. Take charges be physical. Help the helper and take away the baseline

  2. Kentucky is so tuff this year and they don’t even have Aaron Bradshaw smh

  3. I was actually two rows behind the Texas A&M Commerce bench this game. Glad I gotta way to see myself😂

  4. Big respect to texas a&m comm. They got heart

  5. Can't wait til Kentucky plays Carolina ! Somebody's gonna catch an L !

  6. Kentucky they had a great game and they build more every year soon they might win a championship

  7. Hat's off to the Lions from texas anm commerce, they came out on fire. Kentucky hurt them with speed, no turn overs!, and on inside. A n m is not big in inside either. But they played 40 minutes of hard 🏀! They kept thereself in strinking distance, if they got hot, they could make a run. But bug blues speed, on defense hurt them. Something is telling me BIG Z, will be ruled eligible monday! Hope it happends Monday, we need some length tuesday night. IF CATS SHOOT WELL,NOT TURN BALL OVER, AND REBOUND, WE WILL TAKE DOWN #1, TUESDAY NIGHT!!!!!!! I THINK THESE KENTUCKY FRESHMAN, CAN'T SLEEP AT NIGHT, DREAMIBG ABOUT TUESDAY NIGHT. I'M ROLLING WIT MY KATS!!!!!!!

  8. MY LIL COUSIN DJ WAGNER ❤️❤️🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 CVP (CMD) 💪🏽

  9. where is the passion and fire and athletic play they had in the summer and preseason? once again when Cal gets to regular season play he has the team second guessing themselves and not looking like they know what the hell they need to do offensively. im sorry , i know my fellow UK fans will reject this post because they dont want to give up hope so early in the season but its just true, even with bradshaw and ivisic , Cal's inability to coach shooting and offense give this team 0% chance at winning 6 straight in march/april. Im just tired of him never improving or changing as a coach.

  10. Kentucky needs there bigs back. Giving up rim protection rebounds and lack of size. 3 point shooting is lack luster too


  12. I don't understand why a Top-20 team such as Kentucky play against such a team who do not deserve to be in Division 1. Just for practice? How much did they pay TAM-Commerce to come play in KY? How does this help KY's basketball program?

  13. Its always the dudes with the messed up jumper that hit the most jumpers. That kid was on fire, he'll be on a good team next season.

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