Team Walton vs Team Nique | #RufflesCelebGame | 2022 NBA All-Star -

Team Walton vs Team Nique | #RufflesCelebGame | 2022 NBA All-Star

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Team Walton defeated Team Nique, 65-51, in the Ruffles All-Star Celebrity Game. Alex Toussaint led Team Walton, earning the game’s MVP award. Myles Garrett and Gianmarco Tamberi paved the way for Team Nique in the losing effort.


  1. I thought MGK would be the MVP, he 6'4"!


  3. Did anybody notice when the 3 pointer counted as 4 pts

  4. Invite manny pacquiao play celebrity game

  5. I guess Ranveer would be embarrassed by how he played. Give this guy a pass, I guess he thought he would do better. Kudos for trying though, he has energy as always.

  6. not being mean but thesse are the best matches to watch

  7. As big as Miles Garrett looks he’s actually SMALLER than Zion…. Let that sink in for a sec🤔😬

  8. Brush no. 95 can run a train on lebron if he wants 😏

  9. Brush no. 95 can run a train on lebron if he wants 😏

  10. No disrespect intended, but I don’t know alot of people on the court. Maybe u need to network more

  11. 07:48
    The last dunk Mr. Garret made was the best strong dunk I've seen in recent years.

  12. Did ranvir singh touch the the ball😂😂

  13. So Ranveer was there just for the intro? f

  14. bro how many seconds did Ranveer singh play?

  15. Why is that trophy the nicest one in basketball 💀

  16. Haha same happens when a foreigner celebrity comes india to play cricket
    🤣they dont even know how to hold bat🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. ranveer was on the stands for the entire game XD

  18. Imagine if somebody played defense……

  19. Tamberi doesnt need to be drug tested after that put back dunk.

  20. God bless you all , Jesus loves you all only he can save u repent and turn from your sins and accept jesus as Lord and saviour and you will be saved. He is the only way to eternal life in heaven once you pass away its too late . ❤

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