Team LeBron vs Team Giannis | 2023 All-Star Game Full Highlights Part1 | FreeDawkins -

Team LeBron vs Team Giannis | 2023 All-Star Game Full Highlights Part1 | FreeDawkins

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  1. boring….no defense at all…what am I watching….

  2. Bring back West vs East! Its boring to see a match that was supposed to be competitive become like this

  3. Seem like all the young blood dont know how to do a proper defense now a day. Dont forget in basketball we have this vocabulary aswell steal, block , offensive foul, rebound. This is what make the game of basketball complete.

  4. This is a joke, the worst ive ever seen!!! Boooooo NBA!!!!

  5. look so boring just freestyle game 😔

  6. Where is the defense? Today's ASWs are really crap.

  7. To be honest this is boring to look. No passion,no fire in there's game. Bring back the old school, bring back East vs West

  8. Guys having fun no defense just pure offense and guys putting on a show.i guess it ain't gonna change any time soon with tough defense.

  9. This was actually boring and where’s Curry? Y’all can continue hate on greatness.

  10. Damn, without serious D, it just looks boring…

  11. This game just like ten people play in the park

  12. Oh my this is the worst all star game I ever watched

  13. Billy Calibre TV(Japan)ビリーカリバー says:

    , go back to the East vs West format

  14. dont select that people at next wtf ,thats the allstars?? bahh

  15. This all-star game is the worst I have ever seen. There is no defense or competitiveness whatsoever, and even the Dunk Contest has been declining in quality. Last year's contest was particularly terrible.

  16. mac mcclung didn't just save the dunk contest, he saved the whole weekend

  17. I rarely comment on sports ..But this time I feel like I need to type down a few things. First of all, any sports without real competition is nothing but a clown show..( respect for the professional clowns who do their job for real ) Secondly, to be an all-star player requires some respect for the competitive spirit. We want to see a real game..not a staged performance…

  18. This game was pathetic. Bunch of princesses scared to break a nail.

  19. What did the box score look like? Were there any blocks or steals at all? This was the sleepiest ASG I've ever seen; right from the get go it was like 'really? They're just not gonna try at all?' Odd.

  20. Bro wtf is this? Get rid of it altogether it's a waste of everyone's time.

  21. what are they doing? a whole shit play without defense

  22. It was not worth to watch this s**t. Boring as f**k. Can't believe people waisted their time on this game pfff….

  23. All Star games used to be better. The East fought with the West, there was a rivalry. It's not even a workout now. The event lost its prestige.

  24. Sums up this generation. If you think Lebron and these lot would survive the old era you are definately a candy

  25. I'd rather you sit on the bench when the defending team is attacking. .never watch all star game again🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  26. Man this will be better if curry is here

  27. worst Allstar stuff I've ever seen… this is garbage. I would want my money back.

  28. They are not guarding their man they're just letting them go by them.

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