Team LeBron vs Team Giannis | 2023 All-Star Game Full Highlights Part1 | FreeDawkins -

Team LeBron vs Team Giannis | 2023 All-Star Game Full Highlights Part1 | FreeDawkins

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  1. They should watch 2001 asg before they make a incredible joke

  2. The worst NBA ALLSTAR game ever everyone is more concerned on image than playin ball Booooooooooooo most of em not all

  3. Omg this is rediculous! Without any defense any NBA player is able to do what they are doing. I know they don't wanna get injured but basketball without any defense is boring to watch. It's not competitive at all. So much talent on the court and what we get to see is this? I mean what's the point?

  4. Adam Silver you allow the whole game become a pre match shoot-around.

  5. Ultra boring..they should eliminate this games

  6. Lebron scoring record merch??? Who the hell makes such a fuss about breaking a record. Does he wonders why is he so unlikeable.

  7. Can I just say how much I appreciate this channel, I live in GMT time zone and I woke up 1 hour late for the game. THANK YOU FOR THESE VIDEOS

  8. See 1993 NBA All Stars. That was An All Stars Game should be played.

  9. Nba all star game is not the same as it was, there is no passion, no defense, no spirit. idk…

  10. Looks like "kids playing in the yard" basketball, no defense, no rivality, no interest 😪

  11. Put a fork in this game because it’s done.

  12. Even my grandma can score like this … rubbish

  13. Nada que ver con los All-Stars de otros años, que poco nivel se ve hoy en día en la NBA

  14. Worst game i've ever seen these guys not even trying any defense

  15. I like how we've got highlights of everyone and this year was my favorite

  16. All star game right know just shoot and shoot zero defense spirit 😢😢😢

  17. The real “game”plays from both teams… nice👍😅

  18. Everything LeBron does Jason Tatum has to copy it😂

  19. first time watching nba games again after a long time, seriously?

  20. curry makes the game more enjoyebale that we cant notice this bullshit..

  21. This game just looks like you and your cousin/brother playing in the backyard

  22. Bro d fox is the only one who had no stats

  23. they didn't release a full game, its only full highlights because the game is fucking boring, its better to watch amateur basketball league

  24. I don't know I love more old style when really play East vs West

  25. better get back to eat vs west version atleast they played like mens.

  26. These guys really had no love or respect for a basketball game at all, I’ve seen low level exhibitions game more tense than this, you respect your game, profession and your opponent by giving your best and display will to win, when magic, bird, jordan or Kobe were the faces of the league, look at the intense of the game, people pay to see the best, on how some of the best player teaming up will do in a match, none of you guys deserve in all start games, all your predecessor work very hard to build this league for you so that you guys can walk in with millions in your pocket since day one, continue whining that u guys face more obstacle or need load management…. Did u guys know that during bill Russell era, players need to work 2 extra full time job not for luxury but just to survive in order to keep the league running? I’m sorry but I’m just so sad watching how these kids demolish the game that I love so much, it’s not easy to elevates NBA to global stage, do not take this for granted, respect the game please, if you can’t bring it to the next level, at least try your best and give all out, my god…..

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