TEAM JIDION VS TEAM MARK 5V5 BASKETBALL GAME! Ft. Duke Dennis, Jesser, Cam Wilder, MMG and MORE! -

TEAM JIDION VS TEAM MARK 5V5 BASKETBALL GAME! Ft. Duke Dennis, Jesser, Cam Wilder, MMG and MORE!

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TEAM JIDION: Jidion, Jesser Cam Wilder, YPK Raye, Deshae Frost, D’Ayrdian Harding, D’Vontay Friga, Jordan Bentley

TEAM MARK: Mark Phillips, Duke Dennis, MMG, ImDavis, Cam Kennedy, Peyton Hardin, Marcelas Howard, Ipi

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  1. 1:07:15 they need metal detectors next year so that damn sniper doesn't sneak in.

  2. No one picked Tristan Jass and Jdub and Bronny James either

  3. The best part of this was comparing raye to ja but saying raye just doesnt have the same shooting😂😂😂

  4. Cam wilder desrved the mvp sad he didn’t get it

  5. These people is who you all look at huh influencers that didn't graduate and basically telling you to sell your soul to get money 🤔

  6. Brooo the fact that Duke false scored just so his team could retain possession for him to throw it down court and get the pressure finally off them for the last few seconds was actually wild! Big brain high iq play right there 💯


  8. Ion even know ish bout basketball… but the way this entertained me. 10/10 would recommend. Love the people. Love the game. Yall are amazing.

  9. Next time they do this, they need the base of the hoop to be further back. Dangerous especially the way people are running into each other.

  10. Don't get me wrong, because Duke did great, but Kennedy's shots? And the Blocks?? Def MVP material

  11. I feel like friga never wants to show out in these and it’s upsetting, sometimes I wish he’d play more selfish when these are his match ups

  12. Duke being the MVP is a crime 😂. Buddy hit a 6pt shot then clamped dude which changed the game 😂🤣

  13. Put Solluminati Duke nd Davis on the same team it’s a blow out

  14. still was thriving and he just led the team in my opinion. And yall better not skip on my boy rdc Ippi he was playing like a mf W ippi

  15. Team jidion lost when they had 1 more minute of power play, wthe

  16. Is duke rly mvp or , need to c the statlines

  17. “Not the shooting.” Bro really did Ja dirty like that 💀💀💀💀

  18. Friga and cam should’ve been instant dub, but games ain’t played on paper

  19. I honestly think Kennedy should've been MVP but they on duke meat no hate

  20. Nah cam should have gotten mvp (wilder btw)

  21. I genuinely want to see Mark's locker room footage

  22. Jesse fr starts to play like James both in this and all star game

  23. This dude mmg was preventing forest fires with how many layups this man was smoking and Davis was like 1-10 from the charity stripe

  24. Duke and Mark plot armor on the same team is too much to handle

  25. Don't make LSK head coach again smh

    Also YPK is an underrated shotchucker

  26. Without the editing. These dudes is garbage 😂 fun to watch tho

  27. I cant take paintbrush seriously with that hairline

  28. Bro called fanum a Dominican glizzy gladiator 😭

  29. I’m just now realizing London sound like the main bee Barry from the bee movie 😭

  30. Bro the refs at the end kinda sold team JiDion

  31. This announcer alone gonna make the bahha line go out of style lmao, dude has definitely never touched a ball in his life.

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