Sucker-punch at OC youth basketball game leaves girl with concussion | ABC7 -

Sucker-punch at OC youth basketball game leaves girl with concussion | ABC7

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An Orange County mom has filed a police complaint after her daughter was left with a concussion from a sucker punch during a youth basketball game. Full story:


  1. Raised like that she will be an animal all her life

  2. Wow she just attacked her like that from nowhere, this is literally evil.

  3. Sounds like she comes from a bad family

  4. as a korean, that hurts me a lot. she needs to be punished so that she'd never ever do the things like that again. such a nasty dirty family

  5. Corey Benjamin is the father of the girl who played for the Chicago Bulls and the Atlanta Hawks in the early 2000s. he was arrested in both 2000 and 2016 for domestic battery. so clearly the apple doesnt fall far from the tree

  6. Nothing will happen to this criminal
    The US justice system sucks
    It's completely broken !
    They jail the victims
    And release the criminals now

  7. Coward ish. It’s never that serious, horrible example of parenting. Sue them.

  8. Of course the one who threw a punch is black.

  9. where's BLMs at?? gotta watch this before they shout only their lives

  10. Again "black" against Asian lol they all should be in jail or some farm instead of going school

  11. This demonic act must be thoroughly punished !!! That thug hits the girl on the throat @ full force, seemingly regardless of the what could happen to the other girl. Funny how certain people think it is ok to initiate violence, attacks and go crazy when it is the other way around, labeling it racist blah blah……so pathetic!!!

  12. What the white player did is a technical foul in almost every level of basketball, doesnt excuse the violence, but the foul should have been called

  13. Look at who is always doing it. Always the same kind of people

  14. If this happened the other way around there will be no peaceful resolution.

  15. How can you be so mad at someone that YOU knocked over

  16. Vote democrat- this is what u get 🤷🏿‍♂️

  17. Both mother and daughter jail time…

  18. I notice in these videos it’s almost always blacks lol. Must be some sort of pattern

  19. "mistake".. my ass. They are fking old enough to know what's wrong and right.

  20. So nobody here is going to point out that once again a member of a certain race doesn’t belong in civilised society?
    People claim “we’re all the same”, this clearly isn’t the case.

  21. She need to be arrested I mean she is old enough to get arrested

  22. Black folks are just out of control. I'd bet there's no father figure in that family. And trust me they are not "deeply sincerely remorseful"! The "minor" girl, who is twice the size of the victim, is a coward, and a bully.

  23. She is the daughter of Corey Benjamin. She didn't make a mistake, she assaulted another player.

  24. she threw the puch toward the throath where the hyoid is located thats beyond criminal

  25. Former NBA players daughter? Someone is making bank for this.

  26. How was that tub of goo even able to play basketball?

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