Steph & Chet share a moment after first matchup 🏆 | #Shorts -

Steph & Chet share a moment after first matchup 🏆 | #Shorts

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  1. They’ve played each other before I think

  2. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. Now the guy that has the Stephen curry Jersey is going to throw like him 😅

  4. Chet about two strips short of a package of bacon. That mother f#$ker is scrawy. You can't tell me the NBA ain't soft af now if this kid dominates. lol

  5. Curry, i love you! ❤❤❤❤ I'm your 1st fan!

  6. He needs to put more weight on he's like 50 lbs soaking wet

  7. Boricua Hispanic indian n black IAM.. curry n chet , is great to see curry by chet side because curry was helping chet year ago . Now see how chet is doing great curry is happy.

  8. You get ONE legit skilled center that weighs over 150lbs (unlike Chet/Wemby) to enter the league and he’ll take over immediately!!! I don’t care how many threes you shoot, no one makes them all and you’ll have to stop that beast, good luck!!! Shaq would average 60/night today, who’s stopping him besides maybe Embiid or Jokic?? This Dude looks he’ll blow right over cmon bruh, I can’t watch this 💩sorry Adam 😬🫢🤦‍♂️

  9. Looks like Curry takes off and pass his legendary winning culture to OKLAHOMA CITY.. Steph should return Holmgren's jersey or make another exchange.. Not A Funny Joke

  10. Man looking at Steph's physique, it inspires me to hit the gym. He's in amazing shape y'all.

  11. so am i the only one that think he look like adin Ross ??

  12. Why chet and steph jersey's looks same size😅

  13. They should show a shirtless Steph pic from his rookie year next to him now…

  14. I thought Chet had his shirts folded cuz he skinny 😂😂😂

  15. Chief curry yu been my fav basket all player since 2019

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  17. Retired Saudi American 🇸🇦 Saeed Alsomaly

  18. Chet literally looks so stupid lmao

  19. Oh that's why Steph has many rebounds and smooth penetrations. He has broad shoulders that added to his hand-reach unnoticed by opponents.

  20. Why does Steph walk like Putin 💀

  21. Is it just me or does Chet look like Abraham Lincoln

  22. Back when basketball was Basketball they would have used an opponents jersey as Toilet Paper! Like Duke apparel!

  23. Steph just wanted to take his shirt off and show off the physique that he didn't have at Davidson. He's become a black Mathew McConaughey.

  24. Crazy steph Curry looking like joe blog short arse there but the guys 1.88m.

  25. Curry look like he's on steroids compared to chet 😂

  26. That's for measuring Canelo Alvarez Karma goes around Steph Holmgren making you small too

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