St. Francis vs #13 Indiana Basketball Game Highlights 11 3 2022 -

St. Francis vs #13 Indiana Basketball Game Highlights 11 3 2022

Matthew Loves Ball
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St. Francis vs #13 Indiana Basketball Game Highlights 11 3 2022
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  1. It's a cool thing to watch a Hoosier legends son play

  2. Love you, Matthew! ❤🏀 And, Hoosiers are my favorite.

  3. Appreciate these highlight videos. Perfect length – nice work 👍.

  4. Go Hoosiers!🤯🙏🙌🔴⚪🔴⚪🔴

  5. Indiana looks powerful but their weakness is the 3 point perimeter but they already look like a final four contender

  6. Thanks so much for the video!! IU’s starting 5 & Bench are certainly better than last year. And our Transition game should be improved too.

  7. Love these highlight vids especially since we can’t watch the game

  8. so childress, can play a little bit

  9. Thanks a ton for posting this Matthew, together we will beat these pay to watch sites!

  10. Perimeter shooting will make or break this iu team. Difference between a top 6 finish and a big ten title imo. Number 1 can be really good

  11. Thanks for posting. As always, high hopes for my "HOOSIERS"!!!

  12. thanks again, really appreciate the vid, only way i can see my alma mater play

  13. TJD's right hand injury seems to be serious. He can't do anything with it. What specifically is his injury? If a bone fracture, I would not play him till healed. Also, was Damon Baily in Assembly Hall for this game?

  14. If I were Childress, I would have transferred to Indiana State where I could start and work-on my game. Think about Austin Reaves who was like a 2-star coming out of high school but is now in the NBA. I'd also transfer if I were Duncomb or Leal, maybe Geronimo. Also, CJ Gunn is better than I thought. Gunn should be starting over Miller Kopp; but regardless, Gunn will get some big minutes. I'm also interested in how Rob Phinisee will do at Cincinnati and Khristian Lander at Western Kentucky. I think Armaan Franklin will bust out this year at Virginia. Last note, being from Kokomo, I really hoping that Flory Bidunga chooses Indiana. I see that Kentucky has already offered Bidunga a scholarship for the incoming Class of 2024. Bidunga is the real deal. Imagine Zach Randolph but a better athlete without and belly and who can run, TJD 2.0. Very interesting to me, Kofi Cockburn was NOT drafted in the last NBA Draft! It's possible that 6'5" shooters like CJ Gunn will be more desirable for an NBA team than a dominating center. Today, the game is more about 3-point shooting than the post. Nevertheless, rooting for Bidunga to go to IU. Delbert Blanton Kokomo IU Class of 1987 (Sorry, didn't read-over this closely for Grammar Nazis.)

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