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Squid Games Basketball

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In this video, we recreate the iconic Netflix TV original, Squid Games, and put a basketball take on all the challenges!

NBA Higher or Lower w/ 2HYPE !! —
Can You Guess if it’s a NBA GAME WINNER or Not? —
Impossible NBA Basketball Challenges to Win Rare PRIZES !! —

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  1. “When I was a kid we would always play….WHO CAN GRAB THE BALL FIRST!” 😂😂 that part killed me

  2. They were cheating for jidel bc he was getting tight

  3. Definitely run if off dam Jesse game winner looking like Damian Lillard with the game winner 🔥🔥🤣🤣

  4. Jessie need a new build that play shot is not it he need a 2way-playmaker

  5. When I saw this vid… I thought ill see Zack as 001…

  6. Its funny how 456 won in squid game and jessers number was 456

  7. So much potential, such a poorly executed video

  8. James immediately chose Jesse and Jeff on a shooting game, AND STILL LOST LMFAO

  9. I have watched y’all for three years and I still like yall

  10. I could tell from beginning this ish was a banger (the edit)

  11. Zack:idk how th he made it that far
    Also him earlier:u do not eliminate other players

  12. Nah that lillard shot at the end had me hype ash

  13. Zack:that wasn't scripted at all
    Me:wat do u mean by dat

  14. why did i think the VIP was gonna be another youtuber

  15. Jesse should have done the dame wave bruh that was intense

  16. The editing is hilarious and I love it 😂

  17. Zach need to bring back the Naruto song at da end of the video it is called blue bird

  18. Wow. This is really a great edition of SQUID GAME. 🔥
    Also, player 222 is a very good basketball player.

  19. This was a banger . I think we need a season 2 i mean part 2

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