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Splash Bros Combine For 62-PT Night | #NBATogetherLive Classic Game

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In this #NBATogetherLive Classic Game, we look back to 2016 during the WCSF, Game 5 when Klay and Steph dropped 62 PTS!

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  7. sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh curry man

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  11. They say Dame is outplaying Curry this year but Max Kellerman and Curry haters forget that Steph Curry been outplaying Dame since 2014 lol

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  16. Someone tell me the number of turn over of both team combine?

  17. And now they can individually score that number…go figure

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  21. Steph really scored 62 alone, but watch how klay comes back and they make the playoffs 😮‍💨

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  23. U knw wat if nobody say it I'ma say it. I'm sorry dame u had ta stay in suffer in Portland all these yurz. I've Neva seen a playa deserved to leave a team like my boi tick tick tick tick……. Yo ⌚ ain't brokke u knw what time it is….. Itssssss dammmeeee timeeee

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  25. curry also got 62 points by his OWN against the blazers as well

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  27. Draymond’s best season. He was sensational

  28. Skip hasn’t watched steph’s highlights at all. Keeps sleeping on a game 7 where everyone was missing shots after shots

  29. Everyone amazed that they dropped 62 points combined me knowing that dame got 55 points on his own

  30. GSW is the best team ever when they got Steph and klay on the court so everybody praising the Nets and the stacked Lakers watch my warriors beat both of them with those stacked teams Bron can't win unless he's got a superteam we just need 1more player not ever a super star just an above average player

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  33. Idk who is still watching this way past when it happened BUT WHO IS THE MAN WITH HIS ARM AROUND CURRY'S MOM IN THAT SUITE AT 1:33:03?? She was moving her hips, guys arm around her, then she leans onto him laughing??? WHAT IS THAT lmao

  34. Miss Thompson on the game. His shots is gold

  35. 1:33:02 Sonya Curry also scored 3 pts on someones guy and watched by Dell Curry😂😂
    1:42:38 Look at Dell Curry pissed earlier😭

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