Southern Utah vs Utah Valley CRAZY Ending | 2023 College Basketball -

Southern Utah vs Utah Valley CRAZY Ending | 2023 College Basketball

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The WAC conference tournament college basketball game between Southern Utah and Utah Valley had one of the craziest endings of the year as the game came down to the final buzzer.

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  1. I loved it when the crowd noise drowned out the sound of the screaming woman

  2. I like seeing new teams in the tournament but Utah Valley decided not to show up in the final 10 minutes

  3. UVU will be shooting free throws in the offseason. A boatload of free throws.

  4. When you miss clutch free throws down the stretch and then you foul a guy shooting a three in the closing seconds, a loss will always be in your future!

  5. BUT HOW DO YOU BLOW A LAYUP TO WIN IT LIKE THAT i wouldnt show my face the next day at school

  6. Great comeback! There should be a rule where a team with no more fouls to give, can not intentionally foul a player beyond the 3-pt line when under 45 seconds left in the game.

  7. I'm an SUU guy, and I watch your channel every day. I was hoping so bad that you would include this game. Love your content!

  8. Thank you for the live overs and SUU +18.5😂

  9. This was a CRAZY ending, but who was shrieking the whole time??

  10. That… Most definitely classifies as crazy …

  11. That missed layup is going to haunt that kid forever. Poor guy

  12. I never believe these are WILD or CRAZY endings unless they come out of a mid-lower tier conference.

  13. Not really the refs fault, but some of those calls seemed hella suspicious.

  14. Southern Utah needs to up the contrast on those jersey numbers.

  15. Guy got a fantastic look at the last second, missed a layup. Missed a bunch of free throws. Helluva game.

  16. I feel like time management was also a contributing factor to this L. Like the choke would have been inevitable, but at least UVU could have still won by a few points.

  17. I think this is even worse considering UVU could have still won if Justin Harmon just made that final shot.

  18. It doesn't matter what teams are in this conference. It will always be the Wacky WAC

  19. I love these smaller conference tournaments to get to the big dance

  20. Love it when two community colleges get together for a game.

  21. Feel for the kid who missed the layup as time expired..

  22. Theres some girl in that crowd that had to have lost their voice

  23. anyone know where to watch espn+ games internationally? great highlights here but i'd like to see the whole game

  24. I bet Southern Utah to win, lost faith and went to bed, woke up to a nice surprise.

  25. That was almost the best layup I’ve ever seen holy cow

  26. Ooooooof feel bad for that kid at the end thats gotta be the worst feeling

  27. I've never heard or watch any of these teams play and don't know any of the players but when that dude missed the game-winning layup even I felt that that would scar someone for life

  28. That's karma, serves Utah Valley right for using that stupid foul to prevent a 3 pointer tactic. Fucking hate that cowardly tactic

  29. that kid who missed the layup at the end will have the memory of that miss in his nightmares forever i feel bad for him

  30. Thar was more of a meltdown than I had last weekend.

  31. It’s embarrassing to your conference to take the only team that was worth a damn out. Oh well. Great game today SUU, look forward to watching 15 seeded GCU get killed by Zona

  32. And imo thats why you dont foul up 3 i really think its just so dumb. Worst that can happen is you go to OT. Fouling and this can happen….

  33. Free throws, free throws, free throws…🤦🏾‍♂🤦🏾‍♂…and on top of that one of the stupidest fouls you can commit @ 3:22.

  34. #4 woodbury on UV played some of the most horrible defense I’ve ever seen . Watch the tape

  35. This massive comeback lost me the final leg on an 11-leg parlay worth 1700$, I stopped watching the game when UVU was up 15 with 5 to go lol 🥲

  36. the arizona ucla ending was worthy of the CRAZY ending title

  37. After watching this video and seeing the performance Utah Valley gave you could just tell they didn’t deserve to win this game. Great job by Southern Utah

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