South Carolina vs. North Carolina Full Game Replay | 2023-24 ACC Women’s Basketball -

South Carolina vs. North Carolina Full Game Replay | 2023-24 ACC Women’s Basketball

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North Carolina fought hard, but came up just short at home against No. 1 South Carolina at home, 65-58. The Tar Heels out-rebounded the Gamecocks 45-39 in the game, but it just wasn’t enough. Deja Kelly and Alyssa Ustby each scored in double figures for the Heels, with 20 and 18 points apiece. Ustby added 12 rebounds, 3 assists, and 3 blocks, while Maria Gakdeng finished with 8 points and 10 rebounds. South Carolina’s Bree Hall led her team with 15 points.


  1. I'm a S.C. fan and I honestly don't know how they won this game. Killa Kamilla had a quiet 16 rebs and fouled out. Couldn't get "the lobbed game" going for nothing. Got outrebound by 6( sc39/nc45). Gave thumbs down bc it has too many commercials and poor quality here and there…

  2. SC is so ghetto. They recruit from deep in the hood!

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  4. This year SC team needs to step up on the defense, lazy defense I'm sure she get them to where they need to be or they want see much playing time

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  7. Where is the Tennessee vs Notre dame full game replay???

  8. Hey, Tres, Good to see you, Toe the rescue, Let’s Sharon Osbourne, it’s time for The Talk, Have a Seat, Live with Kelly and Ryan Feet, Good to see you, Good morning, Adrienne VS Uncle James Washington ☀️🌞😃💺👍👋

  9. ACC vs SEC and it's still South Carolina over E'rybody!!!!

  10. South Carolina will always dominate🔥‼️

  11. Refs were suspect. I'm glad SC stay on there grind despite the bias calling.

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