South Carolina vs Kentucky Basketball Game Highlights 1 10 2023 -

South Carolina vs Kentucky Basketball Game Highlights 1 10 2023

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South Carolina vs Kentucky Basketball Game Highlights 1 10 2023
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  1. Please delete this game 🤦🏿 Kentucky literally has no heart.

  2. I'm calling it now, no Kentucky in tournament this year. They are fucking awful. Cal won't sleep tonight 😂

  3. Kentucky has never been the same after we loss to Wisconsin in 2015.

  4. I haven’t watched much Kentucky basketball, but I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about their coach and I think it’s safe to say it’s time

  5. Basketball is not football; these types of games happen all the time. Cool out Kentucky fans. They will be in the tournament and make a run.

  6. Kentucky got that ASS beat. So funny that done this year and so is Cal

  7. Kentucky AD needs to tell Calipari to take the Texas job

  8. Coach cal done made basketball so difficult for these kids they are intimidated by his coaching they don’t think about the dreams they want to accomplish while playing as a college player they are stuck in a system and that’s not basketball anymore…look at GG Jackson he decommited and he can showcase hisself

  9. this is why i classify Kentucky as a football school since 2017. as long as

    Cal can’t coach
    the players don’t practice more together
    players not slow the game down and thinking it through
    and oscar disappearing in big moments

    we will continue to lose 🤷

  10. UK rarely plays as a team. Great individual players transferring in and out and positioning themselves for the NBA. Coach Cal even encourages that attitude.

  11. Good win for Lamont Paris! Gamecocks owning Kentucky in Lexington this year in both football and basketball.

  12. Well at least UK can brag about how they destroyed KU in Lawrence last year. 😂 The only thing these fans can hang on to now. Lol Saint Peters, what did you do to those poor souls?

  13. We are horrible. Again FT shooting cost is. Calipari has 2 knock down 3 point shooters and can't run plays to get them open. Wheelers little scoop shot is not gonna win games for us. It is really time for Calipari to go. We need to bite the bullet and send him aaaaand the AD on their way.

  14. So far this has not been a good year for 3 of the blue bloods. Duke is struggling North Carolina is up and down and Kentucky continues to decline. The only blue blooded team that still great is KU ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!

  15. Imagine not calling another timeout && setting up another play lol .. poor coaching

  16. The pieces don't fit for UK. They are stuck with cal because he has a lifetime contract. Terrible.

  17. Ky isn't mean on defense, no challenging the ball. No hands up. They are totally lost on offense. No way they make the tournament.

  18. This Kentucky squad is really starting to look a lot like the 2013 team with nerlins Noel. They have talent but can’t work together.

  19. this is officially the worst UK team under Cal.. i

  20. They are down three and he misses and they catch the rebound down low and he's so worried that coach called a 3 that he doesn't go right back up then follow (the worst ft team in div 1) then call timeout and try again

  21. With about 9 sec left, Oscar T has the rebound and, though all 5 SC players were in front of him, he could have high lobbed a pass to #1 Fredrick (who had both hands up), who could have tied the game!! Could Oscar T just not see Fredrick??

  22. Football state really no sec championship no over as championship 7-6 this year and it's going to get worse with that being said John is a basketball coach he gets great player and never wins the big 1 except in 2012 against kanas witch we was lucky to win Tubby Smith has 1 championship and more sec championship John is here to put kids in the NBA not to win championships before he came to Kentucky Memphis wow really choked in championship what has John did for Kentucky except put kids in the NBA time to leave and move on to Texas and let's set to know our player again 1 and done isn't going to get the job done here

  23. They had all kinds of chances at the end. Disappointing to watch

  24. here's the truth, you cant win with fr anymore, the portal gives good coaches the ammo and experience to beat the dukes and kentuckys, who are now average… cal and the rat were and are being exposed.

  25. This Kentucky team won't make march if they play like this it's kinda sad knowing you can say Mizzouri Tennessee auberen Georgia south Carolina and maybe even Florida are better then them I'm a Missouri fan

  26. Maybe next year. Legitimately maybe.. and good grief Cal has 4 Final Fours and 6 SEC championships. 2021 wasn't his fault those players were just Busts we've been a 2 seed what 4 times in the last 7 years (Fox team Herro team, Maxey team, Ty Ty team last year and probably next year).. making a Final Four isn't exactly easy buthad 4 teams that could've gone to the Final Four. And more… Babies. Every team has bad seasons.

  27. What is going on with calipari the guy has been unstoppable since he coached Memphis and now he just can’t seem to get it going as if he fell off or something.. as a vol fan it is not the same when Kentucky is average im use to Kentucky dominating all the way back to when Rick patino was the coach .. wonder what’s going on in Lexington with all of this

  28. The ball just wouldn’t go in the hole for what’s the matter to good for your home ? Answer meeee!!!

  29. Cal doesn't let players be themselves. He wants them to do it his way and that's fine to an extent. But, when you don't do it your way, you will probably be less efficient just like with anything else.

  30. This has become a program, coaching & players that all act play & coach like the name on the back means more then the name on the front, that the hole problem in my opinion

  31. Bring out the Boo Birds to every game. Print tee shirts or sweatshirts with "Please go to Texas." The AD needs to resign for making the coach bigger than the program. Rupp was forced to retire at 70. It was the mandatory age at the time. It could have been easily voted out, but everybody was saying the game had passed Rupp by.

  32. Wallace, CJ, Reeves, Toppin/Collins, Oscar/ Livingston and then have Wheeler, Thiero and Ware off the bench; if needed can do it. That's just what, I think the line-up should be to end this ramp… We having difficulties, shooting the ball and defending the perimeter shot; so we have to go in the inside mostly all the time to get a bucket.

  33. Cal's offence has always been isolation and drive/kick. He depends on his players to create. The problem is most excel at one area, but suck at everything else (and they all suck at defense- except Oscar). We've not been able to attract any consistent sharpshooters in Cal's era. His coaching is designed for players to show off their skills in one on one match-ups. Well, without shooters, the other team packs it in on defense. Drive and kick no longer works. Cal has no other strategy. No 3 ball zone busters, not guards/forwards with mid-range shot to unpack the defense (well, box and one if one player gets hot). We don't even have 4 players to put on the court at the same time that complement each other forcing defenses to cover all 3 levels (inside/mid-range/3ball). Also, since all our recruits are offensive stars, they don't know how to defend and it really shows. The defensive coaching does not seem to be helping them get better. If Cal stays (and why wouldn't he with such a sweet contract), I would not want to be one of his assistant coaches because I expect most of them will be fired at the end of this season.

  34. Kentucky fans some of best. No question KBB sets standards.
    Memphis basketball also has an incredible fan base. When cal was coach at Memphis our team united our city especially in the last 3 years of cal's time. When he decided to leave for Kentucky after the championship game vs Kansas we were in shock. The next year's players were going to be better than last. So why? He was offered more than what Kentucky was offering to stay. Fans camped out at his home begging him to stay. Something smelled and over next few months we found out. In January month before championship game he learned a major ncaa violation in the name of Derrick Rose was headed his way. At the time the public was unaware. However we soon learned of his character and ego. Our final 4 and championship game was vacated, null and void. He also had ncaa violations at UMASS I urge the fans to kick him out of ur beautiful state on rails. Let another school find out who his true character before its too late.
    PS. My best friend was a ncaa bb referee. In a game he was refereeing with Kentucky he kicked cal out of a game. When he was at airport going home he called me said how did I like that. He said he had over 100 text messages and 78 of them were from coaches all over congratulating him for kicking the SOB out. Its on YouTube for ur enjoyment

  35. This is typical Kentucky early in the season. They're usually playing good basketball by February. We'll see what kind of heart they have against Tennessee.

  36. Kentucky is not what it used to be ..what happened to their much ballyhooed recruiting?

    Coach Calipari I believe is overrated with all the talents that came in Kentucky .. Calipari should have around 3 national team titles right now.

    I believe coach Bill Self of Kansas is better with lesser talents but more national title trophies and more final 4s.

  37. Put calipari on the road walking, and get all those wasted millions back

  38. This Kentucky to NIT thing is looking more and more serious by the game

  39. Coach Cal is not out there committing fouls, turning the ball over, not playing defense. It’s the players playing street ball. Everyone was a star in Highschool, and trying to be that same player in college. Play as team.

  40. kentucky what the hell ,i miss the the days of jamal mashburn,todd day real basketball this is garbage basketball ,no spirit,this program is dead we need kentucky to get good ,razorback and wildcats ,need to take down tennessee,alabama you need a new couch

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