South Carolina State vs #4 Kentucky Basketball Game Highlights 11 17 2022 -

South Carolina State vs #4 Kentucky Basketball Game Highlights 11 17 2022

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South Carolina State vs #4 Kentucky Basketball Game Highlights 11 17 2022
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  1. GO BBN 🔵💯☝️@20:12 that cross over and finish it with a dunk 💪💯☝️

  2. No ill affects, from mich st, not playing well at all. I've never understood cal, got the theiro kid he played pretty darn well! Didn't he have like 23 points in blue white scrimmage???? Yes he did. And when we need some outside scoring against mich st, kid don't see the court. I hope he don't dontae Allen the kid, looks like he would learn his lesson!!!!! All good players he's lost in last 5 years. I'm starting belive if your not 5 star coming in, no matter what u do, don't matter. Waiting for a reporter ask him bout the kid, his answer will b he's a defense liablity!!!!liability!!!!! But this kid plays good defense! 🏀 is game of runs, and hot streaks, play who's practicing the best, and who's hot, but this kid is always around the ball. Sitting on end bench all night Tuesday. Just don't get his coaching. But great brunch ack for KATS!!!!! Shot ball great from outside, alot open looks though, ON TO WASHINGTON AND BIG MOUTH ZAGS!!!!

  3. Nice to lay points on South Carolina State, but there isn't much you can take away from this one:
    Ware needs to focus on tearing down the rim, Thiero needs to let the game come to him. Wheeler is fantastic in transition, but needs to kick it out before thinking of laying it up. Wallace is not a PG, doesn't have good court vision, but he and Reeves / Frederick make for a deadly duo/trio in transition at the corners. Oscar may be feeling some pressure to live up to his POTY award, has been taking off defensive plays and losing focus. Ugonna absolutely needs to play more, he just alters things around the rim.

  4. 15:01…, Hey! Fashionably late, Michael Myers arrives to the game. 18:28, yeah honey we see him.

  5. Coach cal is assssssss UK can beat these basically D2 teams but a actual teams always gonna be a struggle cause cal can’t coach

  6. Thanks….Great Job!!! I totally forgot about the game last night. Great Win!!

  7. Got to stop adding walk ins to the team Oscar tshwibe liability on defense and sometimes limited on offense with his lack of length. Give up way too many easy baskets. Doesn’t block shots well

  8. Keep the great work up. It all counts now. Way to go. Keep playing has brothers and you will be unstoppable.

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