Sky Zone Made A Trampoline Basketball Court! 3v3 Basketball! -

Sky Zone Made A Trampoline Basketball Court! 3v3 Basketball!

Tristan Jass
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SKY ZONE has a new full court basketball court and it was super lit! Enjoy the video!

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  1. Sergio having a hard time dunking on a 9 foot rim… Bruh… I never wanted to say he was soft but yes, he is. I know this is for fun but you don't even have to jump bro.

  2. Also, a tip T jass, wear wrist bands. It'll prevent you from getting cut on the rim dunking.

  3. where this at the sky zone in Waukesha … low key been following T jass forever and didnt even know he from same city as me haha

  4. This shit cool and all but the nets are 7 feet :/

  5. I went yesterday to the Same sky zone T jazz was at and that 3v3 court is fun

  6. Tristan been waiting for this moment his whine life😂

  7. The curly word substantially ski because news unintentionally chop abaft a awful drain. ajar, perpetual charles

  8. For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that who ever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life 💯

  9. It’s the fact that Sergio is that tall jumping to the hoop sheesh I wish I was tall

  10. Bro if I go to sky zone instead of summit and see this for a change I’m dunking on everyone please

  11. Yo I hope they build one in Illinois and St. Louis

  12. Sergio seemed like he was holding back on the blocks lol

  13. When t jass was driving down the middle it reminded me of Russell Westbrook dunk

  14. I don't know who took over starbucks.
    I don't know who took over starbucks.

  15. So nobody gonna talk abt how he slit his rist🤔

  16. Duke dennis vs tristian jass 1v1 trampoline

  17. My fav basketball utuber MAd humble over hype🔥💯👌💪

  18. watching sergio dunk is so boring.. reality he is big for nothing

  19. if zach lavine pull up he doing a triple backflip dunk

  20. In first game you said to 21 but you went to 23

  21. Dude I would have straight screamed at those kids in the background watching I would have told them SHUT UP WE FILMING

    JK gottem

  22. Jass went from layup king to dunk king 👑

  23. Did anyone else’s sky zone turn into adrenaline?

  24. I went there they used me to throw passes and lobs 😭

  25. kids paying to get in and end up watching other people play us watching it from yt

  26. I wonder what the floor is made out of. I want to make an indoor basketball court in my house

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