Shooting HACK Works INSTANTLY🔥 #Shorts -

Shooting HACK Works INSTANTLY🔥 #Shorts

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Shooting HACK Works INSTANTLY🔥

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  1. People often at the hoop this is not baseball you want to the ball to go down hoop so shoot up so it falls down through the hoop. It's helped me tremendously

  2. Yeah the problem is what does aiming means how do i aim like i just tryna push the ball to that spot??

  3. bro this dude relly helps me in my basketball traning

  4. I am champion of basketball in my college but still i am searching for this 💀

  5. What if your rim has no net and no hook

  6. When i shoot i look at nothing but the top of the backboard and it works most the time

  7. I aim for the box in the middle 😂 and i actually make shots doing it

  8. i aim for backboard it’s better for kids in my opinion cuz they focus way to much on 1 thing vs not minors can focus more on 2 aiming for backboard sometimes doesn’t help cuz i put to much power but i rlly do king range or short range so i don’t put that much power into short and a lot into king but sometimes this problem comes when i shoot mid range witch i rarely do

  9. Thanks for the tips…..I actually made 9 3s in a Game out of 30 attempts….Thanks.

  10. This is wrong everything is correct except the small target the rim is so big it can fit 3.5 basketballs in it

  11. So basically aim to put the ball on the hoop. Got it.

  12. am playing on the hoop the doesn't even have hooks or a net

  13. i heard abt this trick when i was in 5th grade and bro im so grateful

  14. My coach tought me, "go for the backboard on 2s"

  15. i don’t even know how to aim for those things💀 what i jus look at them and shoot

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  17. Cool shooting hack works instantly – try to aim for the hoop

    Great advice

  18. My coach would say "USE. THE. BACKBOARD."

  19. I tried this and airballed 6 times in a row somehow

  20. It didn't help me when it rains, so HACK if useless

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