Selena Gomez appears on screen in a basketball game with Michael B J and Jesse William #shorts -

Selena Gomez appears on screen in a basketball game with Michael B J and Jesse William #shorts

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  1. She’s a tubby little telly isn’t she 😂

  2. Look at her cheeks she looks like a marshmallow 😭😭😭 so cute

  3. I like how she is so simple and acts like everyone else.. I mean.. Just look at her eating popcorn.. That's like the most gorgeous scene I've seen in a while.. Isn't it so wholesome 🥹🥰

  4. Selena and James would have beautiful babies!!! He is so handsome!!

  5. This gurl has hollywoods most incredible PR team. They make Kris Jenner look like an idiot.

  6. The double chins tho lmaooo honestly she’s never looked good.

  7. Idk the friends kissing her like that was kinda weird.

  8. What a sad person she is. Still in love with a guy that doesn't want her

  9. can y’all just let it be about a woman for a sec? there’s enough testosterone in that stadium i promise you

  10. because we love her….she’s not nasty like the other’s 😊

  11. Emma I Мне фильм не понравился says:


  12. What happen to her FACE
    She look very different

  13. One of the best famous people , I just love her❤

  14. Bea sue she’s way more popular then them sorry

  15. Okay…

    Sooo… Hear me out…

    Jesse & Selena would have THE most beautiful babies🤷‍♀️❤️❤️❤️

  16. Selena is so cuteeeeeeee awww I loveee her little face ❤

  17. I find it sad that people today adore a person just because he is good…

  18. Wow people who are saying she is ugly you are miserable the people who hate people for know reason are miserable in there lives

  19. why is it a big deal showing faces on screen? just a question

  20. I have Lupus as well. Selena has the classic "moon face" caused by steroids.

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