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(Second half) Michigan vs #19 Kentucky Basketball Game Highlights 12 4 2022

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(Second half) Michigan vs #19 Kentucky Basketball Game Highlights 12 4 2022
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  2. As a michigan fan. Kentucky out played us. We lost our PG for the season. I feel bad for him

  3. Congrats from Michigan. Thanks for all the game vids. Your football stuff was huge.

  4. Did these clowns compare Jett Howard to Donovan Mitchell???

  5. lol that Juwan Howard coaching decision looking better every day

  6. Nobody talking about how good toppin played

  7. Michigan is dropping too many games. Your mental toughness is weak.

  8. Toppin will devolve throughout the year and become very consistent mark my words and cj will get in rythme hopefully Wallace is a dog wheeler needs too cut down on turnovers and play theiro if someone ain’t playing well give the kid a shot he looked good in the blue vs white scrimmage ugonna should still be in highschool he reclassified to this year and he’s already making a impact next year he’s going to be a monster

  9. There was some bad foul calls against Ky and alot of no call fouls on Michigan.Should have been a foul on Michigan right before the end of the first half.

  10. toppin with a consistent jumper is bound to be a 10 year nba player

  11. UK needs a coach one and done cal will never win another championship

  12. Great win by all those missed free throws at the end could of easily gave Michigan a chance to win.

  13. Let's go cats. Good shooting game 🙂 BBN 4life 💙 🏀

  14. If we’re gonna be a final four team then Wallace has to start over wheeler. Wheelers minutes need to come down while Wallace’s minutes goes up. Only way we are gonna be that really dangerous team. Wheeler is a liability when shooting.

  15. Tshwibe is liability on defense gives up rebounds easy baskets and a lot of size down low I ugonna down there brings more toughness and length

  16. Good win, the team needs to work on free throws !!!!

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