(Second half) #18 Alabama vs #1 North Carolina Basketball Game Highlights 11 27 2022 - bestfungamesll.com

(Second half) #18 Alabama vs #1 North Carolina Basketball Game Highlights 11 27 2022

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(Second half) #18 Alabama vs #1 North Carolina Basketball Game Highlights 11 27 2022
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  1. UNC looking good here jelling at the right time Bama loaded great game

  2. I've never seen a game go in 4 OTs and also a goaltending reverse call like that before. What a game. We might have a run in us this season, who knows. ROLL TIDE!

  3. Perhaps the best game of the tournament. Carolina has nothing to.hang their heads about. Tough play by both. The Bama player just happened to pull a Larry Bird against Bill Laimbeer play. 😅

  4. Again to all the hater out there talk all the shit u want about Unc bn overrated but they did go to the finials last year beat the best team ur so called one n dones Dam Duke . This is the same team that lost 6 games by 20 or more points . Yes there lost 2 games . But I rather lose now n learn from it n be there n March playn for it all.

  5. Please tell me why Bill Walton is still calling games. He single handedly will ruin a game if your listening to it

  6. Neither team look very good in the overtimes. Lots of missed opportunities by both teams. Lots of isolation ball, and not much ball movement, and moving without the ball.

  7. This will be talked about as the game of the year when this season ends. How can you top that?

  8. I bleed Carolina blue, true fan born and bred. But WTF is going on here. Way too many turnovers, taking too many damn 3s, and impatient not running your half court sets. It has been a struggle in every one of their games to put away cupcake teams. Barely getting by, but that shit bit them in their asses against Iowa State and Alabama. In 7 games they have managed to take 144 3's only converting 44. 33%. Carolinas took enough damn 3's and brick them to build a fucking subdivision. Fundamentals are key, not trying to show boat and do too much, Caleb love. Turnovers stupid ones at that is unacceptable. Not playing to your strengths and running your half court sets. Carolina looks like a mediocre team at best right now. Not championship material or mentality do they possess right now. Sharp crisp passes, blocking out and guarding ur man and rotate over to help out on the weak side. There's no I in team, Caleb love!!! Bro your not that good, quit trying to build ur resume for the NBA. Hubert Davis take control of your team and teach them fundamental basketball not that shit you learned in the NBA!! At this rate, Carolina will make an early exit in the NCAA tournament and be home watching the Final Four. Not talking shit, just stating obvious facts. If the first 7 games are any indication of Carolinas season then it's going to be a miserable one!!! Pull ur heads out of y'all's asses and play each game like it's the NCAA tournament; win or you go home!! Simply put, there is no excuse for them playing this way, period!! Regroup Heels and go out there and start dominating games blowing teams out and talk your shit

  9. Caleb Love sure hates to pass the ball. Great win for Alabama.

  10. Everyone in that building was trying to buy that win for unc. The 3rd and 4th ot tip got thrown directly at unc as well… glad to see a tournament with them going out fast.

  11. they need to stop disrespecting Quinerly by bringing him off the bench hes their best player

  12. So on top of North carolina losing in 4 ots, playing 3 games in 4 days, getting slightly injured….their reward is going to IU on Wednesday at assembly hall…wow that is a tornado

  13. Wtf why was Bacot left on the bench the entire last part of the game…?? Way to lose, Hubert.

  14. Caleb Love was 3-11 from three. He needs to stop playing hero ball with the wild 3 point attempts. His 3 point percentage is 24 this year, down from 36 last year. Also, Nance had 4 pts. These two guys are the reason UNC lost.

  15. Roll Tide baby. Number 18 Alabama up since number one North Carolina and four overtimes. As soon as we got made outs I knew he'd be a great coach and so far he is proven that. Great game all around but where to go Alabama you were very young team. That was a heck of a statement.

  16. What a sub par performance by the heels the last 2 days…

  17. Plz teach Alabama how to do simple layups

  18. Not a bama fan but can definitely tell Bill W didn't want to see bama win!

  19. Despite Jahvon Quinerly's best attempt to give Alabama a loss, Alabama won.

  20. Quinerly is so trash, good teams will pin their ears back against him when it counts most and they’ll either block him or get him to turn the ball over. As a bama fan UNC shoulda won that game handedly.

  21. What Is UNC doing SMH .HOPE IS A WAKE UP CALL

  22. Sears should’ve stayed in the corner at the end of regulation

  23. Oats needs to chill every possession he's rushing his players to get back on D lol

  24. As a Houston fan, that was goaltending 😂

  25. You honestly could've made 3 parts for this game lol

  26. The refs hate all things Alabama, in every sport. SMMFH

  27. Damn there were way too few people watching this classic

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