(Second half) #17 Illinois vs #2 Texas Basketball Game Highlights 12 6 2022 - bestfungamesll.com

(Second half) #17 Illinois vs #2 Texas Basketball Game Highlights 12 6 2022

Matthew Loves Ball
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(Second half) #17 Illinois vs #2 Texas Basketball Game Highlights 12 6 2022
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  1. Texas should’ve won still don’t understand how they lost

  2. There is no way that Texas is a #2 team, their ball handling skills alone were atrocious. Illinois really wasn't that much better. #5 for Texas was a major liability, I'm surprised that someone that bad is playing that many minutes anywhere in college basketball.

  3. Boiler up the rankings. Ty Illinois

  4. Thank you Matthew for posting these videos. This is the best way to get my Illini sport fix.


  6. Encouraging stat in this great win. 7 of the 9 who played blocked at least one shot. That sign of depth in the defense bodes well.

  7. This is what happens when the longhorns play away from home. Lol And this wasn’t even played at Illinois. Back to austin for the longhorns until pretty much 2023. Hard to believe the NCAA approved the longhorns home and away schedule. Ridiculous! Two away games in 2022….this one and the next one on Dec. 31st. Haha, what a joke! They should be embarrassed.

  8. I realize coming into the season, the verdict was out with the Illini since all the transfers. Now, that #17 ranking is way off. They are a top 8 team for sure. They have already played some tough teams and they will get better as the season progresses. Perhaps, these 2 teams will meet again deep in the playoffs..

  9. Great win for Illinois. I saw Houston ranked #1 won against a team I've never heard of, so it made me want to check their schedule. The only team that I've ever heard of was Oregon. And the rest of their schedule looks really weak. Way over ranked in my opinion. We will see.

  10. I can’t believe Illinois put that off

  11. When he called that timeout right before that three went in I was in disbelief and then after the timeout they made the 3 again and I was in even more disbelief. Awesome basketball to you guys.

  12. Maryland and Virginia are definitely better teams than Texas. Texas is about as good as UCLA.

  13. How MLB doesn't have a million subs is mystifying. Great game

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