Rutgers vs #1 Purdue Basketball Game Highlights 1 2 2023 -

Rutgers vs #1 Purdue Basketball Game Highlights 1 2 2023

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Rutgers vs #1 Purdue Basketball Game Highlights 1 2 2023
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  1. Fuck me, I really wanted to see purdue win. But we played like shit in the first half

  2. What a game! Glad to see Rutgers get over that hurdle of winning the first road game this year

  3. Rutgers is tough they gonna surprise along of teams

  4. man, 22 doing all he could to lose this one for rutgers. 🤦‍♂️

  5. Why y’all got to beat them right before we play them wtf

  6. No.22 for Rutgers doesn't know what a shot clock is or doesn't know The rules for an out of bounds/ inbounds play!!! 🤔

  7. Thank you Matthew for posting so quickly. You are working hard! A great game.

  8. Is it me or did the refs call every little thing under the sun for Purdue? Seemed like they shot 30 free throws

  9. Rutgers coach is lucky he didn’t get T’d up after they fucked up that last inbounds play. He was going crazy and the refs were literally holding him back.

  10. Coming from an IU fan, Rutgers owns Indiana. However, I am happy to see Purdue lose.

  11. 18:42 LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL Big Ten officiating at its finest.

  12. Rutgers overcame some hometown cookin'! 24 fouls called against them. Only 11 called against Purdue.

  13. Rutgers and Penn State looking tough with similar styles

  14. Quite literally the most monumental L day in Purdue sports history

    Well done to Rutgers, I knew this was going to be scary day before today and they delivered in full

  15. New Mexico is the only remaining undefeated team in college basketball now! Congrats Scarlet Knights.

  16. Houston will now be No.1 again whereas KU will move to No.2

  17. What a game! Thanks for posting Mathew!👍

  18. Rutgers coach should have gotten a technical there at the end. Refs aren't supposed to be giving three warnings on the same play to the coach for being out of the box. I get that he was trying to set up defense without having a timeout, but that's the way it goes. No timeouts, other end of the court, if your guys aren't looking to you for instructions, then you didn't do a good enough job coaching them. You shouldn't get to flagrantly ignore the refs. (BTW, no horse in this race, just wanted to see how the end went down for #1 losing.)

  19. Refs tried to give this game to Purdue but Rutgers is just too good

  20. Let’s go, RU! What a terrific team effort. Thanks for posting this video!!!

  21. Thank you very much for providing these basketball games. Really two very outstanding teams . Rutgers and Purdue Both will be very difficult to beat. Congratulations to Rutgers on the win .

  22. At least Rutgers did not get hosed on the road like at Ohio St.

  23. Bye bye Purdue, here comes the rest of the B1G to nail your overrated asses.

  24. Edey is big… That's about it lmao 🤣

  25. As a Purdue fan, December 2 2022 was a disaster in both football and basketball

  26. Thanks, Rutgers for handing us that #1 chair back. Love, Coog.☺
    Hope to see ya again this March.

  27. This score ended close but Rutgers controlled most of the game.

  28. who the hell does the rankings lmao no way in hell Purdue number 1.

  29. Let's go UNM Lobos! All the way to the championship! Ain't nobody gonna stop us since 1977!

  30. Purdue had a New Year's Day plus to forget. First, the football team gets blasted in Citrus Bowl by LSU, then #1 men's basketball loses home game to Rutgers in league action.

  31. I hate Rutgers. It's hate borne from respect, but still, I reallllly hate you guys.

    Good game. Now please win the rest of your games unless it's against us again.

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