Rules of Basketball : How to Play Basketball : Basketball Rules for Beginners -

Rules of Basketball : How to Play Basketball : Basketball Rules for Beginners

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How to play basketball?
Timestamps OR Chapters:
0:00 How to Play Basketball?
0:31 Basketball Court Dimensions and Layout
1:01 Basketball Basic Rules
1:59 How to Dribble the Basketball?
2:24 Basketball Double Dribbling Rules
2:45 Carrying the Ball in Basketball
2:58 Backcourt Violation in Basketball
3:15 Traveling Violation in Basketball
3:25 Three in the Key Violation in Basketball
3:35 Shot clock Violation in Basketball
3:50 Throw Ins in Basketball
4:03 Goaltending Violation in Basketball
4:19 Charging Violation in Basketball
4:33 Free Throw in a Basketball Game
4:51 Scoring System in Basketball
5:12 How to Win Basketball Game?

Basketball is a team sport of 15 players with only 5 allowed on the court at any time.
Each team consists of two forwards, two guards and one center player.
The basketball game starts with a jump ball or tip-off.
The referee throws the ball into the air in the center circle and 1 player from each team leaps up and tries to tap the ball away.
The game time is split up into 4 twelve-minute quarters.
The objective of the game is to throw the ball into a hoop to score points.

We will explain to you how does the basketball game starts?
Learn about basketball court dimensions and layout?
We will also teach you all the basketball basic rules.
We will explain in detail about dribbling the ball & double-dribbling.
Learn what is Carrying the ball?
What is a Backcourt violation?
You will also learn what is Traveling, Three in the key, Shot clock violation, Throw-in, Goaltending, Charging violation and Free throw in a basketball game?

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