Rules of Basketball : How to Play Basketball : Basketball Rules for Beginners -

Rules of Basketball : How to Play Basketball : Basketball Rules for Beginners

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How to play basketball?
Timestamps OR Chapters:
0:00 How to Play Basketball?
0:31 Basketball Court Dimensions and Layout
1:01 Basketball Basic Rules
1:59 How to Dribble the Basketball?
2:24 Basketball Double Dribbling Rules
2:45 Carrying the Ball in Basketball
2:58 Backcourt Violation in Basketball
3:15 Traveling Violation in Basketball
3:25 Three in the Key Violation in Basketball
3:35 Shot clock Violation in Basketball
3:50 Throw Ins in Basketball
4:03 Goaltending Violation in Basketball
4:19 Charging Violation in Basketball
4:33 Free Throw in a Basketball Game
4:51 Scoring System in Basketball
5:12 How to Win Basketball Game?

Basketball is a team sport of 15 players with only 5 allowed on the court at any time.
Each team consists of two forwards, two guards and one center player.
The basketball game starts with a jump ball or tip-off.
The referee throws the ball into the air in the center circle and 1 player from each team leaps up and tries to tap the ball away.
The game time is split up into 4 twelve-minute quarters.
The objective of the game is to throw the ball into a hoop to score points.

We will explain to you how does the basketball game starts?
Learn about basketball court dimensions and layout?
We will also teach you all the basketball basic rules.
We will explain in detail about dribbling the ball & double-dribbling.
Learn what is Carrying the ball?
What is a Backcourt violation?
You will also learn what is Traveling, Three in the key, Shot clock violation, Throw-in, Goaltending, Charging violation and Free throw in a basketball game?

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  1. I’m here to understand why people say Bron Bron travels so much he got frequent flier miles to go to Japan and back for free

  2. I’m gonna start learning cause I’m 14 and 6’4, people keep telling me to play

  3. Every other guy I know knows how to play basketball am I the only guy who never learned?

  4. Yeah everyone thinks I’m AMAZING at basketball because both of my parents were all stars and I’m a giant but I’ve never played basketball and me and my ginormous brother actually suck so I’m trying to learn so I can make the team

  5. I came here coz of jordan shoess-michale jordan- bulls- tiktok and now here ok let me download it first

  6. My friends said I should do basketball with them after school and I know nothing about it so this will be helpfull

  7. You. Alright. Well. Describing. To. Me. Thanks. Dude.

  8. I'm just here because I want to get into a sport and basketball sounds the best for me plus I'm starting later than most girls

  9. My looks and personality do not match at all says:

    Just here- i have girls basketball practice on October 4th and I’m not the best TwT

  10. to everyone doing this for a school assignment, let me help you out.

    1: b. 1891

    2: d. James Naismith

    3: c. peach basket

    4: b. 10 feet

    5: c. 50 feet

    6: a. 1 point

    7: d. 5

    8: b. 2

    9: false

    10: true

  11. Thx i broke half the rules without knowing this video is super useful to me

  12. I joined basketball and I have a game Saturday and barley know how to play

  13. I’m just here because I randomly wanted to figure out why everything I ever did like 15 years ago in elementary school was a foul 😒

  14. Today is my first day to play basketball but need to see the rules first

  15. I'm a freshman in hs and 5ft tall, yeah….I know😶
    I wanna learn so I can fit in better when I go to my new school next year, I already tried soccer and softball (good at both but it just wasn't fun) and I'm not interested in cheerleading AT. ALL.
    Also I'm a girl so pls don't comment on my height, ty

  16. just an 8th grader who's friends r making her tryout for the team and knows nothing abt basketball. dont mind me.

  17. I’ve been playing basketball since I was 10 only causally or not that often, I have 3 weeks to train to get on my high school team

  18. John 3:15-18 KJV❤ 15 That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life.

  19. Im here bc I did a last minute basket ball tryouts bc all my friends were doing it, and i wanted to tryout with my friends, AND Because i had soccer on that day and didnt want to go, so i was gonna do it for fun bc i know NOTHING ABOUT BASKETBALL, but i got in. prob. bc im 5'6 and in midde school? all my friends made it except for 1 which also did it for fun

  20. On here because I play street ball and just got picked up by my school

  21. Hobi’s my dance instructor😮‍💨 says:

    I’m here cause this girl I like play basketball

  22. i got like selected in the school team because i am like one of the good players of my grade and played like a few training matches before covid and i have no idea about the rules (still like somehow i can dribble and basket pretty good) so guess i could learn rules and be better and get to play some tournaments or atleast interschool lol

  23. Here bc my son started to play and I want to be more vocal and accurate when shouting from the stands.

  24. Amazing video. Very Simple approach yet very effective. This is what we are looking for. Permission to show this video to one of my class for educational purposes.

  25. i’m just here since iv started to get into basketball recently and my dad put me on a team i didn’t wanna go on so now i gotta just work with it.

  26. I'm not really a sporty person but somehow i wanna learn basketball too, i wanna play with my boyfriend 😆♥️

  27. i have tryouts tomorrow and i've never played bball before, this helped! wish me luck!

  28. I want to start playing basketball but all my friends have been playing a long time and I’m afraid I’ll mess up lol

  29. Well I have a match tomorrow at school so Idk the rules but thankfully I found this video

  30. explain better i dont understand a fucking thing

  31. I'm going to vasa fitness and don't wanna look stupid

  32. OK I'm only here because I signed up for basketball club and I do not know what I am gonna do :/

  33. Lol I have tryouts tmr and I have no idea how to play. 😅🤞

  34. i appreciate this cus everytime i try to ask this or search its just people teachin how to throw the ball properly but i wanna get into playing on a court w ateam and i didnt understand the basic rules of basketball so thanks bro

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