Rockford High School basketball player hits half-court buzzer-beater -

Rockford High School basketball player hits half-court buzzer-beater

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Are you kidding me?!

Andrew Landis, a sophomore basketball player at Rockford High School, hit a half-court shot to secure the Rams’ victory over Grand Rapids Union at home Tuesday night. (Video courtesy Kristi Landis)

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  1. He ran like a rabbit getting chased buy a cheetah.

  2. I love how he did an about face when he saw the crowd coming at him… lol

  3. That shit wasn't even close to counting lmaooo mf was a full second late

  4. What Lazy ahole posts this crap
    Could you not take a minute and provide some details.
    I had to start and stop several times to discover the score was 51-51
    It important to the story

  5. Shouldn’t of counted. It was in his hands at buzzer but looked cool.

  6. Did anyone not see that kid in the black hoodie about to get ran over by the crowd before the camera cut?

  7. I find it a bit bittersweet when someone (most likely) achieves the greatest moment of their social life so early in age.

  8. lol the buzzer obviously went off before it left his hands. That is why he left the court because he knew it shouldn't have counted.

  9. Youtube has playback speed control, you can slow it down. He got it off.

  10. Plot twist… They ended up losing by forfeit, because all their players left and that was only the first quarter. 😅

  11. If you watch at .25x speed with the sound blasted it’s soooo close, such a tie with the buzzer, it should count!

  12. Wow the refs missed that one! Yes it was a great shot but on the other hand unfair to the other team that the buzzer is clearly going off while it's in the kids hands. In which it makes this highlight not so much a highlight!

  13. Say, if he didn't steal the basketball off his teammate, he wouldn't of shot that and would've been known as a normal high schooler

  14. God will never leave you nor forsaken you, Dios te ama, Dios te bendiga, God is the way, truth, and life, Dios es verdad.

  15. And that was just the end of the FIRST HALF ! 😊

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