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Rice vs #7 Texas Basketball Game Highlights 12 12 2022

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Rice vs #7 Texas Basketball Game Highlights 12 12 2022
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  1. What happened at 20 seconds left in the game? Texas calls a timeout then all of a sudden it's Rice's ball with 25 seconds left?

  2. His lawyer said "he never should have been arrested"
    So many questions…

  3. Ikr the whole head coach getting arrested thing and suspension yikes

  4. I may not be a Texas fan, but with shit like that going on I think of him as a piece of garbage now.

  5. The fact this game was close is disgusting . They were a -9000 favorite!!!!!!

  6. 1 shot away from a Q5 loss this should knock Texas out of the top 10.

  7. Sucks that Beard can’t coach til further notice, but we need to play harder on defense🤘🏻🧡

  8. Ah Texas. Land of the free, and home of the domestic assault charge

  9. Texas has to do better at the free throw line

  10. You'd think that Texas would have had a stranglehold on Rice by halftime.

  11. You can never underestimate an opponent.
    Especially if they can upset a team in high ranking

  12. ^^^ GO LONGHORNS! please keep your heads up, STANFORD should be much better than RICE. HOOK'EM!

  13. I was aware about the coach.
    There are always unexpected hurdles to overcome

  14. This game is a good example of how important coaching is. Texas should have blown Rice out, and it will be interesting to see how Texas moves forward.

  15. I was at this game, great game to be at. really fun supportive environment

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