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RDCworld1 vs. Through The Wire Podcast BASKETBALL GAME!

House of Highlights
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RDCworld1 played against the guys from Through The Wire Podcast in an intense basketball game.

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  1. Jeff for HOH is unfair. He was gone dub them regardless. Trust, as somebody who knows him. Lmaoo. Good vid.

  2. TTW should’ve let number 1 take all they shots

  3. I would’ve roughed those house of highlights guys up…there team was too stacked..

  4. with through the wire playing in the background

  5. HOH are legit hoopers
    TTW were legit hoopers
    RDC just play for fun
    Respect to all of them tho this was a fun watch. But I'll dead kill all ya'll

  6. They shoulda done full court so RDC could run past all them big ass players

  7. Had outkast da art of story telling in the background hella respect for that

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  9. Who’s watching this getting hyped to watch Derrick and Mike to go at it 1on1

  10. Having to re-watch this now that I'm a TTW fan too lol

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  12. This after Mike beat dmills but dam he was hooping

  13. Damn why Desmond getting bullied in the paint

  14. Looking at how much weight dmills loss is incredible

  15. yooooo they really went to guachos i used to hoop there

  16. I think Mark and Dylan were the only one hopping. Ben I know why they made that big man video now.

  17. bruh the hoh dudes are not on the podcast they actually hoop this was so unfair

  18. RDC needed to get Dylan involved more, games would’ve been closer

  19. my boy kenny looked pooooo.. he had one steal and ain't do nun my guy and ihave a torn rotator cup too btw..

  20. HoH can hoop 🔥

    RDC bring the viewers though but walked away in shame. 😬👎

  21. I’ll smoke the house of hoops crew they can’t guard me bunch of bums

  22. Pierre and dmills look mad thicc here just wait until the rematch

  23. Yoo D Mills was a DAWG first game

  24. Where do I submit my application for friends like this😭😭

  25. 6:28 why did that layup give them 2 points but the jumpers are one what

  26. Aye they gotta run it back cause Dmills done got his ass in shape now

  27. HOH gave y’all the business, and the excuses psh

  28. What should we make them do next? Let us know!

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