RDCworld1 vs. Through The Wire Podcast BASKETBALL Game | feat. Marcelas Howard - bestfungamesll.com

RDCworld1 vs. Through The Wire Podcast BASKETBALL Game | feat. Marcelas Howard

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THE REMATCH IS HERE! RDCworld1 played against the guys from Through The Wire Podcast in an intense basketball game, featuring special guest Marcelas Howard!

The FIRST game →
Supreme Dreams Show feat: RDCworld1 →
MORE Through The Wire Podcast →


Marcelas Howard:

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  1. We gonna act like Mark and Marcelas didn’t dap each other up like 20 times 💀

  2. Mark jumper is broke. But he plays hard and thats all u want out of a teammate!!

  3. Every time I watch this vid, I can’t help but laugh cause Mark was Dennis Rodman on the boards 😂😂

  4. Felt like they won a championship at the end lol

  5. I clicked off when they said dmills wasn't playing

  6. Can we run this back for a third time once they can after quarantine

  7. Ok Big Mark I see you with bounds and put backs💪🏾💪🏾 and the game winner!!🎊

  8. RDC just average dudes the other boys look like ballers for real. One buddy with the head and carried RDC lol

  9. Marcelas, through the wire, RDC, HOH and the rebuilding god is in the game too?! This is 🔥🔥🔥

  10. No disrespect but Dylan’s highlights was a nigga hittin 2 3s in his face

  11. Mark run backcourt after a bucket like he 7'1 350.

  12. This nigga mark short af damn marcelas put him into perspective

  13. marceles traveled when mark passed it to him

  14. Why he put Three 6 Mafia as the background music😂

  15. Of course Mark grabbing boards, he IS the definition of hustle.

  16. I wanna play 1v1 or king of hill with these guys so bad

  17. Mark got the pull back title from now on XD

  18. I’m tryna hoop w them anime RDC boys fly my short ass out lol

  19. They clownin p with the edits he jus trying to make his team better

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